Lightheaded/passing out from kettlebell workout

by 161 · March 21, 2014 at 04:40 AM

I have been trying to shed some pounds of fat, switched up my diet to a more VLC type diet. Anyways cycling performance and hockey performance and sleep has all been great. I got up today, had a bit of green tea and when I tried to do my kettlebell circuit I felt nauseous, light headed and I had to stop, when I went back inside I felt like I was going to throw up so I went to the bathroom and sat on the floor and started to cold-sweat like crazy. Could this be a result of some form of detox happening and for some reason my body tried expelling these toxins today??

I'm at a loss really

I eat about a handfull of berries a day and eat sweet potatoes only if I've had a very hard workout that day (hockey game or long and intense ride) all other carbs come from veggies and nuts/seeds.

have also completely cut out drinking two weeks ago but don't think this has any effect

Anyone else ever feel like they are going to faint doing exercise they normally do?

Cheers, CJW

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4400 · June 08, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Sounds like you need to up your post-workout carbs. At least give it a shot and see if it helps.

3157 · June 13, 2013 at 07:21 AM

Beware of green tea, I've always used to have some thermogenic aid before training like coffee, green/black/pu erh tea or a pre-workout formula before training and while it seems to give me an initial high to get our workout, I have a tendency to experiment headaches when I take it. I'm now suspecting that I might have and immune system imbalance towards Th2 (google Th1/Th2 balance) because I've been observing that I feel my worst after having coffee/tea and many days that I drink gaspachio (tomate juice with cucumber and other greens) so it would make some sense.

It also might be the stimulant effect of tea, even more if you're VLC, that could be too much for your Central Nervous System to handle. Also, when we are low carb, we have more difficulties retaining body water and sodium, so you could also have experienced some mineral deficiencies during your workout, exacerbated with dehydration... maybe drinking more and having a spoon of sea salt or a electrolyte supplement might help. Magnesium deficiency could also play a role in this.

Depending on how keto-adapted you are, you could simply have run out of muscle/liver glycogen (glucose deficiency) that just triggered that.

Well, these could be some possible causes, they might others thought I guess, I write this as just a layperson who experienced the same every once and then and looked for some possible answers.

My take for now is that if you perform intense exercise that will use the glycolithic pathway on a VLC diet you will probably face some performance issues unless you are really really well fat adapted.

288 · June 08, 2013 at 09:26 PM


I felt sort of faint and as though my hearing had temporarily been impaired when pushed to my absolute limit at the gym during the week! It eased off after about 30seconds!

I'm going to get my blood pressure etc checked with my doctor next week just as a precaution! I don't know much about it but i kinda know how you feel and would suggest just maybe a health check on your blood pressure etc just to be safe!

Hope this helps,


45 · March 21, 2014 at 04:39 AM

Working out, especially high intensity, pushes your circulatory system. Its quite common to feel feint on over exertion. Have more cool down next time. But see a doctor to check blood pressure etc just in case.

0 · March 20, 2014 at 04:28 PM

just read this, I actually fainted during a recent Kettlebells workout. Dehydration is a big issue for most people.

Tips I got are:

1.) You haven’t eaten for a while. If you exercise with no fuel in the tank, you’re running low on muscle glycogen which is your body’s primary fuel source. Make sure to eat something before heading to the gym next time.

2.) You’re dehydrated. 75% of adults suffer from chronic mild dehydration – try drinking 16 oz. of water about an hour before your workout.

3.) Blood pooling. After an intense leg exercise, for example, blood rushes to your legs to fuel your muscles. Make sure not to go from exercising intensely to total rest (like sitting down during a workout).

4.) Jumping into an intense program too quickly. This is probably really the most common cause – make sure to gradually ramp up the intensity if you’re getting back into an exercise program after a layoff.

Now you know why you were feeling sick and dizzy after that last though workout. But don’t let it discourage you – just take these tips and keep up the good work!

0 · June 13, 2013 at 06:34 AM

Yeah, I have felt nauseous, headachy and very light headed and almost to the point of fainting with the ketosis diet. I do have low blood pressure so it may have become lower with dieting. Perhaps you do too? I haven't been able to workout to my normal level since doing the diet, I just don't have the energy. All I can do for exercise is walk when formerly I did great workouts. Self-defeating isn't it?!!

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