Sample ketogenic diet plan without calorie restriction and dairy

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I am trying a ketogenic diet at the moment but it seems I eat too much protein.

I down to 0-20 grams of carbs per day but it is difficult to track the protein intake. I avoid dairy, so getting sufficient fat is not that easy.

One day I tried cream and butter and it seems this helped me to get into it, at least I noticed the special breath. But that's not the way to go for me. Especially because there is no high quality raw milk available here. Besides that I overeat on dairy.

Can anyone provide a simple diet plan for one day, the only foods being meat, offal, fish, eggs, vegetables and paleo friendly oils (coconut, ghee, olive, lard)?

It shouldn't be calorie restricted since I don't have any excess body fat and actually try go gain weight.

  • 80% have to be fats
  • 20% proteins & carbs (roughly)

  • MCT oils produces ketone bodies without any adaption period so I guess coconut oill, milk, flour and cream should be included in vast amounts?

May it be beneficial to begin with a 3 day bone broth fast including fatty meat?

However, the basic question is how I get the protein out, which is really difficult when eating mainly meat and fish so I would really appreciate it if I know what exactly to eat for breakfast and dinner.

Maybe it also helps others who have difficulties with getting into ketosis and are searching for a simple daily meal plan at the beginning.

For those interested: I found this question, where the same is discussed but without excluding dairy.


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658 · August 22, 2011 at 9:10 PM

I eat a TON of coconut products. For example, for breakfast today i made these coconut fry cakes made with coconut flour, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, and two eggs. I then pan fried them in coconut oil. They were delicious and tasted sort of like SAD pancakes.

Often for a snack I'll mix two tablespoons of coconut butter, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, a tablespoon of ghee, two tablespoons of desiccated coconut, and a splash of coconut milk in a cup. Then I'll microwave it and it becomes this delicious fat-bomb concoction. It's a ton of calories, but very filling.

My carbs tend to be a little higher, but a lot of them are coming from fiber. I was also struggling with getting in enough fat when I was eating a lot of meat. My protein was way too high. While it may be a little more sugar in these coconut products, I think the benefits of all of the MCT and saturated fat outweigh the slight increase in carbs.

My diet basically consists of zero plant material EXCEPT coconut products and the occasional tablespoon of cocoa powder for variety. When I do eat meat, I try to eat fatty meat like bacon or ground beef. Today my fat percentage was at 77%, which is pretty close.

Hope this helps!

410 · August 22, 2011 at 9:12 PM

First I'm going to answer a question with a question if I may. Why do you want to be in ketosis especially if you want to gain weight?

Right now I'm eating keto-style because I do need to lose fat. I find it much easier to use heavy cream, butter and ghee but when I don't I use coconut milk, at least half a can a day, in a two or three cups of chai. I eat one meal a day with a small serving of meat, liver, fish or eggs and veggies (broccoli, spinach, asparagus.) I make mayonnaise and use it liberally to get more fat in.

If I can't drink most of the fat, I can't manage to eat enough.

10 · September 07, 2011 at 2:39 PM

I have found that avacado slices with a hamburger patty topped with a slice of cheddar cheese is the quickest way to get into Ketosis. It is the perfect balance of fat (avacado) to protein (ground beef) Breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, bacon and slice of avacado. Basically any protein in reasonable amounts and avacodo will work. You can also use many different cheeses as snacks. I drink only water and diet green tea. Dr. Atkins book "a new diet revolution" supplies many receipes and sample menues.

5 · August 23, 2013 at 2:37 PM

Can I still have smoothies in the morning with berries and bananas (both high in carbs)Also can I have dairy? High in carbs no? And when you say coconut milk are you talking about the milk alternative in the milk section by the almond/rice milk? Any suggestions for books/references? I am doing kerogen if for health reasons.

118 · June 15, 2013 at 9:29 PM

Kathy stated this above and brings my point. Coconut products are a great source of fat, mct's, lauric acid, etc, BUT it's important not always eat the same source of fat, or rely heavily solely on one. I rotate avocado, olive, and coconut, (all fruits interestingly!), plus your regular suspects from meats, and a little cheese. Some mornings may be a shake (with coconut), some mornings eggs and avocado, others, salmon on a bed of leaves and olive oil. I also find the enzymes plant leaves bring to the table facilitate the absorption and stabilization of the Ketogenic state mentally and physically. I guess my point is, don't be too vigilant about about 80% fat and dismiss protein, but vary the fat.

These are my thoughts, and experiments on myself and clients over the past 8 yrs.


40 · June 15, 2013 at 7:29 PM

my doctor told me coconut fat is burned as a carbohydrate. When I had gall bladder attacks coconut was not a trigger etc.. I don't understand it all but anyone know why coconut fat is ok on ketogenic diet?/ trying to find out

15 · August 31, 2011 at 12:56 PM

Can i get into ketosis without protein, only consuming coconut milk and berries? (sorry to be asking this question here, but i made a topic about it, which doesn't appear anywehere..idk)

3916 · August 23, 2011 at 9:46 AM

What kind of weight are you trying to gain? Fat or muscle? Eating more carbs will put more weight on you, but it will be fat. It wasn't clear if that was the kind of weight you want to gain. If you are trying to put on muscle, I would think you probably need more protein than you are currently consuming.

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