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So I just got my Lab results back. I have no idea what any of this junk means, and frankly I find the numbers etc just plain irritating. That being said, I still would like to know, good or bad, what can I improve upon, and how to do so. I am a 30 year old male, married, work a boring and occasionaly high stress desk job, have a 3yo and a 4mo. am 6' tall, 218lbs I wouldnt classify myself as overweight, but I have more fat than I would like to have. Anyway, here they are...

Cholesterol     203
HDL             62
LDL             133
Triglycerides   40
Non HDL Chol    141
Sodium          140  
Potassium       4.6  
Chloride        103  
HCO3            26  
Glucose         82 
BUN             17  
Creatinine      0.94  
Est GFR         >60  
Calcium         8.9  
Protein total   7.1  
Albumin         3.7  
Bilirubin Total 0.3  
Alk Phosphatase 48  
ALT             25  
AST             18  
Anion Gap       11

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5100 ยท November 03, 2011 at 3:37 PM

Good to excellent lipids: your HDL is high enough to be protective while your Trigs are excellent. Combined with your high-normal BUN, you seem to be doing low-carb Paleo with plenty of meats. Better than 90% probability that 134 LDL is type A.

Excellent BG control at 83 (but could use HbA1c to confirm that there's no post-prandial elevation). Your liver enzymes are good/above-average but they should come down a little lower as you lean out and lose more weight. My guess is you're not done leaning out yet.

One possible issue is your low-normal albumin and low-normal calcium. Do you take Vit D-3 or Magnesium? Are you deficient in any? I would check my Vit D level and supplement with Mg and Vit K2 if I'm deficient. I would retest to confirm. Also possibly look at PTH hormone.

Another possible issue is your HCO3 / Anion Gap: What did your doc say about this and your albumin? Your acid/base balance may need to be looked. (Combine that w/your high-normal BUN and low-normal GFR for a 30 year old guy ... if you have good insurance, I would ask for a referral to a nephrologist, just to be safe and to check it out). Do you have kidney-related issues?

Need CBC and inflammation markers to round out analysis. Your lipids are excellent pending confirmation with inflammation markers; however, need to look at urinalysis, other aspects of your CBC to see if you need to follow up.

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