Is this Leptin resistance?

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I just read this article by dr. Jack Kruse on LR and I'm not sure if I have this. I'm not overweight and I don't crave foods, but I do fast and eat 2 meals a day and when I get to the second one my body just doesn't say stop. If I force myself to stop my stomach feels hungry. This has been going on for a couple months now and I know that I'm over eating because I eat more food than my 6'0 brother! It's embarrassing to eat with other people because I look like I haven't been fed in days. It's usually only meal 2 i go crazy though not meal 1. I really don't crave foods even after a hard work out and if I ever do it's sometimes a sweet potato or an avocado. What should I do to get my eating meals back to normal for me and why have they become so abnormally large?

*extra info: I do IF every single day. Also, when I'm getting to bed there are times when I'd like to eat more, but lately that's been getting better. Lastly, my overeating is always within the paleo realm- usually I overeat meat and coconut oil and vegetables (no nuts for months) and sometimes too much fruit. I find my cravings for fruit are absent when I supplement with starches.

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1019 · May 27, 2012 at 4:55 PM

If you are not overweight, and you are not gaining weight, then you definitely are not leptin resistant. It's good to have one big meal a day. If you are worried about overeating then focus on eating high protein in the second meal, and just eat away. You probably need the calories, especially if your first meal is smallish.

144 · May 27, 2012 at 4:17 PM

That sounds like a good amount of food. Just remember with only two meals per day it's okay to make them pretty big - you need to fuel your body with enough food. Maybe you should add a protein snack in between. Also drink lots of water with meals to help your stomach stretch out, and try to find a way to relax after you're done with meal #2 - lie down and digest and daydream for a few minutes. Maybe drinking miso or broth would be helpful too.

3043 · May 27, 2012 at 1:53 PM

I had the exact same issue until I started eating more at my first meal. I IF from 8 pm to noon, first meal at noon, second around 5:30 pm.

Is you first meal much smaller than your 2nd? Is it more like a large snack?

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