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Hey guys we ( Joe and Natasha) are a couple looking to start eating along the lines of a paleo diet. We are both powerlifters with Natasha being new to training and myself training for a few years.

Due to our finances we basically plan out our diets by the week with lots of 50p peanut butter tubs and lots of cheap milk and grains and processed junk.

I feel like I need to hit around 150 grams of protein a day to fully recover. It currently costs me £2.50 a day to get 150 grams of protein and most of the veggies i get are bulk frozen ones.

We have been getting sick of eating like this because we miss our nice roasts and eating out but as we've been looking at the paleo diet it seems very expensive.

We are thinking about following a diet along the lines of paleo to give us the healthy benefits but also let us get our protein and also reduce cost.

We both have been big fans of rob wolf since buying his book and listening to some of his podcasts online. On one episode he talked about two things that caught our interest, wine and organ meat :)

SO NOW TO THE QUESTIONS (sorry for this ramble guys )


1. What type of liver is the most beneficial for daily consumption

2. Which is the most nutrient and vitamin dense?

3. Which tastes better - chicken - pig - beef - lamb


1. Neither of us smoke or do drugs but we do miss our wine, we stopped just to try and be really strict but we are really missing our nice dinners in the garden with a bottle of red wine. Would a glass of red wine a day be detrimental to health?

2. How important is it to be strictly paleo, for example will a bit of sugary gluten marinade like a nandos lime and lemon or some other store bought condiment make eating the good food pointless?


1. we are trying to get in shape and get stronger but I (Joe) need to lose quite a bit of body fat and will be recompositioning basically the typical powerlifter recoup diet of 100g or less of carbs a day high fat and high protein and eating at maintenance or just below.

Our diet will therefor be something like this:

Breakfast : large flask of black coffee and some grassed butter or heavy cream in it.

lunch : peri peri chicken livers with a baked potato and some butter on top with some veggies

dinner: A large salad mainly lettuce and avocado or peppers and tomatoes with olive oil.

Lamb liver here is £2.50 per kg

chicken liver is £3.16 per kg

Pigs liver is £1.50 per kg ---- If this is just as nutritious as the others please tell me so I can get the cheapest one :)

lamb liver £4.00 per kg -- not sure why but this one is dearer maybe organic?

Ox liver £1.70 per kg

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0 · April 28, 2014 at 1:56 AM

spam nonsense

40652 · April 28, 2014 at 1:13 AM

Liver… you don't want to eat liver daily, it is not balanced in nutrients. Generally you'll be getting too much vitamin A (any liver) or copper (beef liver). Make sure you're not low-carbing it, as that increases your protein needs.

Wine… if you're broke, why "waste" money on it.

Meal plan… seems too low calorie for an active person. Just a salad for dinner? Also, if broke, avocados, really?

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