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first, I have been scouring PH for previous posts, none seem to address my question or they made me have new questions.

This is my second day of monitoring BG. I am a non-diabetic, overweight female. I have also slipped significantly in my diet over the last four weeks. Yesterday was a perfect day, diet-wise.

My fasting blood glucose over the past 2 days has been 95-96, which isn't great. I want to get that number down.

Here is what is confusing me, I never get a BG spike! I have been testing every 15 minutes since breakfast (570 cal, 15 total carbs, 48 g F, 20 g protein) and these are my numbers: 84, 90, 88, 82, and 88, 91 mg/dL.

Yes, my breakfast was low carb but why doesn't it go up? Is it unusual to see your fasting BG to be the highest of the day. I know that while fasting your liver will produce glucose.

This brings me to my next question. Someone answered in an earlier blood sugar post that numbers similar to mine were a symptom of insulin resistance in the liver. I perused google, and I haven't seen anything to substantiate this. Do I need to be worried?

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11036 · December 08, 2012 at 6:57 PM

No, it isn't unusual to have your fasting BG be the highest, especially when eating low-carb. Research "dawn phenomenon;" your liver prepares you for waking and can cause a spike.

130 · December 09, 2012 at 11:29 PM

Looks like your eating real good to keep your BG from spiking and your testing proves it! Just wait a while and your BG will start to go down. Don't forget that your red blood cells have been changed to carry more glucose. It takes a while for those cells to die and be replaced.

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