Boiled organ meat and nutritient preservation

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Does boiling organ meats reduce nutrient quality(assuming that they are cooked an 'equivalent' to other preparatory methods, ie. such that the organ is of a similar texture/colour)? I had experimented today with some pig kidneys/liver and they seemed to turn out well, harkening to the 'sweet bread' name(same texture). Perhaps I cooked them too long as they had no pink remaining but were of a uniform colour. The kidneys were done in a pot, water brought to a boil then let to simmer for 'a time'(I forgot to count...doh!); the liver was done both in a roaster in the oven(on 250 degrees for approx. 2 hours---probably too long but...they 'seemed' to turn out well...)and boiled on the stove(again for a long hour or more). How do the Paleos cook their organs? P.S: there was a scum on top of the water post cooking that I have sifted and saved in jars. Is this O.K for consumption? I would assume so...What would the 'scum's' nutrient profile be like?

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3395 ยท April 20, 2011 at 12:09 AM

Any water-soluble nutrients, and even some fat-soluble ones, will be prone to diffuse into the surrounding water, especially if heated. The solute gradient between the water and the organ is VERY steep, so there will be quite bit of nutrient leeching. This will decrease the nutrient content of the organ itself, but the vacated nutrients will still be in the water. You could just drink this water, and that way none of the water-soluble nutrients will go to waste.

I'd be curious to know how HGs cook organs, too.

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