Meat I eat! What offal and other odd bits have you tried since going Paleo?

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Hi. I didn't see any similar questions, so I'm throwing this one out to any other offal lovers. Since going paleo, what offal and other "odd" animal bits have you tried? C'mon, don't be shy :P

Here's my list, from head to tail:

brain: pork, duck, chicken, goat, lamb, guinea pig

eyes: pork, duck, chicken, goat, lamb, guinea pig, salmon

tongue: pork, duck, chicken, goat, lamb, guinea pig, salmon

sweetbreads: lamb, goat

lungs: goat, chicken, duck, guinea pig

liver: goat, chicken, duck, lamb, pork,

heart: duck, chicken, beef, lamb

stomach: beef (only the rumen aka honeycomb, so far), goat, guinea pig,

spleen: guinea pig, chicken, duck, goat

small intestine: beef, duck, pork

large intestine: pork

kidney: beef, lamb, goat, guinea pig, duck, chicken

fries (testicles): duck, guinea pig

ovaries: guinea pig

feet: lamb, goat, pork, wallaby

tail: beef, wallaby

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4 Replies

7249 · August 01, 2013 at 7:37 PM

This question reminds me of my pre-paleo days when we would joke about what was in a hotdog.

2282 · August 15, 2013 at 10:53 PM

Chicken feet! They are super tasty and rich in collagen. I slow braise them chinese style or add them to soups-they really make your broth gel.

Beef tounge is also delicious when stewed for a long time, or cooked into a meatloaf.

Another thing I've added that you don't have listed is bone marrow, particularly from cows. I've also started munching on bones of things that I've cooked for a super long time so they are very tender...which I never need pre paleo!

278 · August 01, 2013 at 7:14 PM

Well, the most exotic I'll really get is deer: liver, stomach, kidneys, and the usual uninteresting chunks of conventional cuts. As a female, when my menstrual cycle arrives, my body goes crazy for organ meats. I'm talking deer liver sauteed Chinese-style with onions, garlic, whole cumin, coriander, and hot chili flakes.

I do sometimes like to eat deer and chicken heart, but it's all right. I mostly shish kebab these with onions, capsicums, hot chilis, tomatoes, garlic, and pineapple chunks. I sprinkle paprika, rosemary, and thyme, along with a squeeze of lemon, some mashed avocados, and seaweed.

What you should try: I'm going to sound "uncivilized" (eyeroll) for saying this, but if you're a hunter, try a fresh blood clot near the heart. I slit the main arteries right near there after a fresh kill, and it was a strange taste. It was salty, and not that metallic. I felt so invigorated. I felt like running for miles.

421 · August 01, 2013 at 1:35 PM

I think you pretyy much covered all the edibles that are not on the endangered list in any country...

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