Do Western medicine doctors lack of knowledge, or are they all in a plot against humanity?

by 0 · May 03, 2014 at 08:20 PM

I have been having reflux problems recently. I had an endoscopy and the doctor put me in lowering acid medication because "your acid is to high, that's why you have so much heartburn and reflux; these tablets will help you".

Now, I don't like tablets, so I decided to do some research to "lower" my acid problem. I came across Chris Kresser's e-book "Heartburn GERD" and...surprise! all its contents talk the opposite of what the so helpful doctor says.

With a great explanation that makes total sense, the book explains how the problems are caused by Low acid and not high acid. How not producing enough acid, the stomach doesn't digest food properly (specially carbs), gas gets formed, and the LES muscle opens more often for burping and stuff and...ooops! acid splashes the esophagus which gives you the heartburn feeling as the pipe is not properly protected against acid......Sorry folks, I'm not very good at explaining these things.

The point is, once learned, it seams like common sense. The solution would be to somehow increase the stomach acid to create a nice digestion and have no problems.

So here I ask...Do doctors really not know this?? Why do they give us medications to make the acid even lower?The lower the acid the less protected the stomach is, the more chances of accumulating harmful bacteria...The more we take them tablets, the more we'll need them!!

I though doctors studied medicine to SAVE LIVES, not to help pharmaceuticals make load of money by giving us the medicines that will damage us forever.

What do you think these doctors are thinking while they write these prescriptions? Are they laughing a us, or they simply don't have the knowledge?

P.s I don't mean to insult any doctors here, I'm just expressing my frustrating point of view

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16813 · May 03, 2014 at 01:06 PM

Common sense isn't and Conventional Wisdom isn't. Pretty much most of the stuff Doctors have been taught in these areas is out of date. Say you get some doc that went to medical school 20 years ago and has been practicing for 20 years. They usually don't bother to read the new literature, and once taught one way, stick with it. So what they practice is wrong, and out of date.

Meanwhile, big pharma reps visit them, give them free lunches, dinners, pens, mugs, and other swag so they can put up advertisement for their wares. Sure, they might think they're not affected toward handing out prescriptions for $DRUG, but they wind up doing just that.

Then, when you find something on teh internets, even if it's true, and you show it to them, they'll laugh you out of their office, because after all, you've read it on the internet, and the internet is full of kooks and weird ideas and they, after all know better, since they have all the diplomas on the wall, and you don't. So there ya go.

And certainly the pharmas have a big stake in pushing their drugs and keeping the docs in the dark about what the causes really are. Why cure someone when you can give them a prescription for a purple pill for life, one that you have to get refilled by visiting the doc, and paying a co-pay, and also having your insurance billed for the 3 second visit. This is known as "rent seeking" behavior and a well known way to riches.

The net effect is evil, even if the intention was good.

225 · May 03, 2014 at 07:57 PM

Think you guys are a little too paranoid.

The obvious answer is, let's say you're a doctor and you have to treat 40 people a day. Now, they come into your office and you have to 'heal' them, but should you listen to everyones life story and interweaved symptoms/situations? Do you gamble by giving them protocols that they may not even attempt to follow? Or would it be more effective for more people simply to find their primary acute ailments and prescribe a medicine to act on that very specific acute ailment?

It's most cost effective to prescribe medicines, people forget that not everyone wants to completely change their lifestyle to fix their problems. Hell, I know people who won't give up sweets when they're diabetic or stop consuming dairy when they have mucus issues, stop eating fast food when they're morbidly obese? If people won't make common sense stupidly obvious changes what are the odds that a doctor, a stranger could convince most people to make difficult changes to fix their ailments? It simply helps more people to throw potential magic bullets at them even though everyone knows that this is not the ideal choice.

0 · May 03, 2014 at 07:44 PM

Take a very common disease like high LDL cholesterol. This condition can actually have many different causes, such as:

* Familial hypercholesterolemia, where the body has genetic defects and the LDL receptors in cells simply are unable to clear cholesterol from the blood. The condition is rare, and such individuals have no choice but to go on statins, and even then the condition is difficult to control.

* Metabolic syndrome, where the high triglyceride levels require the body to make more LDL particles in order to transport the triglycerides around. The best way to treat LDL for this case is to address insulin resistance. Eating low carb, lower insulin levels, increasing insulin sensitivity, and perhaps treating glucose overproduction might be reasonable ways to lower LDL for this case.

* Hypothyroidism, where less thyroid hormone will downregulate LDL receptors. Treat the thyroid condition and the LDL corrects.

* Leaky gut, which will allow invaders to enter into the bloodstream and create toxins. The body mounts a defensive response that includes using LDL to bind to the offending toxins and remove them from circulation. The last thing you ever want to do for this case is treat high LDL with statins. The body is appropriately responding to toxin levels. You want to fix the leaky gut.

* Infections. This is a tough one, mainly for diagnosis, and sometimes for treatment.

Why go off on this tangent? Well, how would a Western doctor treat your testing high on LDL cholesterol? 95% of them will simply say "You have high LDL. You should be on statins." In other words, Western doctors do not care what is the cause of your test result. They will invest zero time in thinking about causes. They will not investigate. At some very basic level, Western medicine has lost the ability to find the causes of disease, or to even care. They simply treat the symptom with "the standard of care" which in this case is statins. But as we saw above, statins would be a very bad way to treat leaky gut or infections.

Even worse, the pharmaceutical companies have corrupted the process. They have bribed the insurance companies, who then in turn bribe the doctors. Most people don't know that the insurance company pays your doctor a higher compensation if he prescribes statins for high LDL. The system has thus become completely corrupted by money, which hides behind a very shallow claim to the patient's welfare.

If you want to solve this problem, you end up having to read yourself, push your doctor to get you to the right specialists, and then follow up on each possible cause yourself. You have to effectively become your own general practitioner, because no one else will do that work.

There are functional medicine doctors, but unfortunately my observations on these are:

1) There is a whole class of these people - like Dr Rosedale and Dr Eades - who blog, write books, give speeches, and do not take new patients.

2) There are others like Chris Kresser, who have the knowledge but have multi-year waiting lists. They dropped me from their waiting list twice, made me lose four years of time, and I think they are careless with patient welfare. So the point is the good practitioners cannot keep up with patient loads.

3) There are some who are very good but extremely expensive and only work outside of insurance. I found one in Colorado and she apparently makes about $1,000 per hour for her time.

4) 90% of the people who practice functional medicine appear to not have medical education sufficiently deep or broad to really be effective at it. Many of these are chiropractors, and a lot of them practice one cure fits all disease.

So, at the end of the day, Western medicine is broken. There is no one who can really help us cure disease. We are on our own.

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10067 · May 03, 2014 at 06:45 PM

People want placebos. There's quite a bit of hypocrisy in the accusations of big pharma/dumb doctors among Paleos who pop all kinds of supplements with NO creditable science behind them. As if they were any smarter than the docs.

My Dr. Is helpful sometimes, unhelpful at other times. At his best he's a trained third party observer who can make useful comments on my stupidity, or fix something like a ruptured tendon. The benefits have been valuable and verifiable. I have nothing similar to show for getting lots of zinc in my diet.

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