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So I'm not losing any weight at all on a low carb paleo diet and I'm doing this since ever, so I decided to find a workout routine that I'll stick to long-term (instead of going nuts on some fancy sport and dropping it after two weeks). I really like high intensity interval training as I feel exhausted only after 20 minutes so this is great for in the morning right before shower.

Is this enough if I do this once a day? I'm altering workouts, usually following some youtube workouts, so there are harder and easier ones. Do I really have to add cardio (some people told me so, but I just don't like wasting an hour running around)?

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0 · February 09, 2014 at 3:32 AM

As previously stated HIIT and lifting are best. I hate cardio. But, the hardest parts are the food and patience. When I haven't worked out for a while the first thing that happens when I start again is that my weight goes up, patience. I would get a food tracker (lots of phone apps) and try using it for a week or two, it was very enlightening for me (and I need to do it again). The other thing that you need to do is determine your resting metabolic consumption level, the intensity of your exercise program and your fat loss goal. All of this comes together to determine how much you should be eating (total caloric intake = resting + exercise - fat loss). There are calculators for that, but the last two terms usually won't cancel unless you workout hard 6 days a week.

You shouldn't need to change your workouts more than once every 4 weeks (try for at least 2 weeks even if it is boring, but no more than 8 weeks). Also, there are different kinds of interval training. HIIT usualy means 4 minutes at high intensity then 30 seconds rest. Max intervals might be better since you are only doing 20 minutes. In Max interval training you go as hard as you can for about 12 seconds, then rest for 8. Your activity should never get close to 20 seconds, since that is the anaerobic threshold for the best athletes. If you go that long at maximum intensity it will turn into cardio, which we don't want (i.e. you should not be breathing hard). Works best with an exercise like cycling or sprinting, but you can do jump squats etc.

I disagree with cutting dairy. Especially if you are lifting, that is the best source of protein (for post-workout). It might not be paleo, but it is a key ingredient to sports nutrition. Also, if you are working out (really working out), you have to eat. Not eating will reduce your muscle mass, and fill it with fat when you decide to eat again. 1500 calories might not be right for you, it might be ok for a woman, make sure you calculate.

0 · February 08, 2014 at 1:47 AM

I’d second wanting to know what your diet is if you’re not losing any weight. You may be looking to push yourself more in exercise to solve something that can be done by just dialling in your food intake a bit better.

But to answer the actual question, I wouldn’t add HIIT so you do it everyday; you need to give your body a break every now and then. I second that you just add some heavy lifting at least twice a week, with maximum effort and good form. And stay away from cardio, unless the cardio you are thinking is some brisk walking.

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15 · February 08, 2014 at 1:45 AM

FIrst Question:

How much do you have to lose?


- Cut all dairy, chocolate, fruit, no cheating

- Track calories and macronutriets with an app

- Look into a ketogenic diet and keep carbs under tight control, keep protein in check, go high fat

- Drink tons of water, drink water whenever you feel hungry, wait and see if still hungry

- Try intermittent fasting

- Stay under 1500 calories a day

- Be patient, seriously

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188 · February 07, 2014 at 3:58 AM

Weight lifting 2x a week, interval training less than daily is better. Might try 2x a week as well. Give your body a chance to rest. How about going for a long walk or easy jog on those other 3 days. Of course you gave no info on diet or how long you've been at it. "since ever" means nothing to us. Obviously you can adjust frequency to suit your needs, but ease up at the beginning as you don't need exercise to lose weight.

237 · February 07, 2014 at 2:42 AM

You're not losing weight? What are you eating? By the way no cardio necessary but if you are going to do it, go nice and slow and don't strain your body too much, you want to still have some cartilage left in your knees by the time you're 50, I recommend cycling (outdoors if possible), since it is low impact on the joints.

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