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i recently bought a 20 pound weight vest and i was wondering if weighted pullups, pushups and 4+mile runs will increase muscle endurance, such as if you do 15 deadhang pullups with your own bodyweight, but you can only do, say 12 with the vest, and eventually work your way up the reps with weight vest, will you're strength and endurance increase without the weight vest? Any advice is much appreciated.

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26354 · August 26, 2012 at 4:29 PM

Short Answer is: yes.

Long answer is: depends. (see it has more letters)

Running with a weight vest will provide you with extra resistance, and it may make you stronger running without the weight. Runners typically see a drop of two seconds per mile faster for every 3-5 pounds they lose. Thus a 20 pound weight vest would make you run 8-10 seconds per mile slower. Then, in theory, getting back to your current pace, and then losing the vest COULD make you faster by a comparable amount.

Here's the thing though, running with an extra 20 lbs puts you at much higher risk of injury. Whereas, simply running faster over a shorter distance, and then gradually increasing that distance will make you faster without as much risk. In endurance training these runs are called temp runs. You run at your goal pace for a shorter distance. For example, a 5k runner might start with tempo runs at 1-1.5 miles, and add a quarter to a half of a mile every week while maintaining the goal pace.

I think the vest is a good idea for pull ups and push ups. Probably a good idea for plyos as long as you keep the effort in check. But I would advise against using it for the runs, instead just run faster.

144 · August 26, 2012 at 7:16 PM

I've heard the same thing about long distance weighted runs being risky. Would rather sprint or HIIT using a weighted vest to develop speed and power. However, a great idea for pull ups and push ups!

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