Day 25 Lost 8 first week now slowing down

by 5 · March 30, 2013 at 05:16 PM

Hello, I am 5ft 5 was 168 now day 25 I am 158, which is great. The first week I dropped weight fast and now have slowed Down. I cut fruit to 1 piece a week and cut out Almonds. Trying to get to 145. I run around all day at work and have not exercised. I track my food and average 60fat 20 pro 10 carbs. How am I doing? Suggestions. I worry the last 2 weeks with no loss And I have not cheated at all. I average 1200-1250 cal day.

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37013 · ABOUT 16 HOURS AGO

With all due respect to pALEOpRIDE, I eat lots of fruit and it doesn't interfere with fat loss at all.

Since no one else has said this yet, I will mention that most people clear fluid and grain out of their GI tracts during the first week or so--and I think some of the gut bugs that were living on grain--so the initial week almost always produces a loss that is unsustainable for ongoing weight loss. Anyhow, you're trying to lose fat and gain muscle so pounds are not your best measurement.

There will be weeks where you lose several pounds and weeks when you lose none, even if you somehow choose to eat exactly the same foods every week. Our bodies are organic and there is lots of normal variation. Over several months, I consider losing about a pound of fat per week to be a very healthy and sustainable rate. Your body has many tasks to perform as you lose, such as reabsorbing connective tissues that were supporting the fat, etc., and hopefully building new muscle as you are able to become more active.

If you do a lot more, and build muscle rapidly, you may actually gain weight even though you lost significant fat.

Please don't fall into the habit of worshipping your scale. Your waist measurement and the fit of your clothes are the best measurements of how you're doing.

15261 · ABOUT 16 HOURS AGO

If you post what you actually eat in a typical day/week you'll get a bunch of helpful advice. In my opinion, it is hard to lose weight without exercising.

A rule of thumb if you're exercising regularly is 10 calories per pound of target body weight. If you're trying to get to 145 pounds that'd be 1450 calories, but only if you're exercising, and you should be sure that you're counting carefully. Nobody likes measuring and logging everything they eat but do it for a week or two just to make sure you're eating what you think you're eating. Often portions are larger than you think and you eat more snacks than you think. If you really are eating only 1200-1250 calories per day then you should be losing weight.

Many find that losing weight is difficult if they are eating even modest amounts of carbs. Sometimes exercise, even very brief (like 15 minutes every other day if it's intense) can "reset" your metabolism and allow you to lose more weight. In my case, switching from running to strength-based exercise made a huge difference. I personally would rather exercise and have more room to eat comfortably than not exercise and starve myself, but that's just me.

80 · March 30, 2013 at 04:48 PM

Simple advice from my own experience;

Cut nuts, dairy and fruits until you have reached your ideal weight. Slowly incorporate them afterwards- IF you feel the effects are sustainable.

Make SURE you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep.

Muscle gain may disguise fat loss.

Good luck!

655 · March 29, 2013 at 03:05 PM


Calories seem about right for fat loss..

As Uncle LH points out, 60fat 20 pro 10 carbs don't add up to 100%. Nor do they add up to 1200 calories...something is amiss.

I have found that ratios like 50% fat 35% pro 15% carbs works better. IMO your protein level is too low... I would trade some fat for protein. Since your numbers don't add up to 100%, one has got to be higher?

At 1250, my ratios would yield 69g fat, 109g pro, 46g carb

Too few calories can stall weight loss when your body adjusts to the new lower level. One technique is to keep the same total for the week but vary by day.

As for exercise, it is totally possible to lose fat w/o exercising. I've done it. Too much exercise can stall fat loss. Uncle LH suggestion of brief, intense & infrequent is another way to boost metabolism back into fat burning.

Here are a couple useful but a bit geeky calculators. I particularly like the ones that emphasize waist measurement to estimate body fat %. They are not totally accurate but they're easy & they give the correct indication. I assume you've lost a some inches along with the 10 pounds? Inches lost are often a good indication of body recomposition. If you're doing some minimal strength based exercise & eating a good amount of protein you'll lose fat & maintain or gain muscle and thus lose inches.

The first calculator also talks about BMI. I have found BMI to be a less than useful number. IMO, waist to height ratio is a better metric as it is a proxy for body fat %. BMI does not take body composition into account and thus 'penalizes' athletic / well muscled people.




http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm <<< this one calcs a calorie zig zag

Last comment... the first 10lbs come off a lot easier than the last 10lbs. :(

You just happen to have your first 10lbs & last 10lbs close to each other.

Good luck!

88 · March 29, 2013 at 01:38 PM

What are you eating during an average day? I consume atleast 100g of protein a day which has helped significantly with my weight loss.

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