Stay with my doctor or start seeing a nathuropath

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Would this be a good idea most people at my crossfit use one I really have no idea what I should do....I love my doctor but seeing a nathuropath looks really interesting from what I reading or is it just hype because the charge (I live in Canada) where I dont pay for seeing my doctor.

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1981 · December 20, 2012 at 3:58 AM

Go see a naturopath if you want. You don't have to stop seeing your doctor. You are absolutely entitled to seek advice from a variety of health professionals. It's your health, after all.

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580 · December 20, 2012 at 4:08 AM

continue seeing the doctor regardless as it is free of charge with your health insurance.

However, i stronly believe a skilled naturopath can assist you depending on the nature of your case. myself and many of my friends have had great success with traditional chinese medicine, homeopathy, tissue salt therapy and herbal tinctures which are some of the tools a good naturopath uses.

Best of luck in your quest for good health

2198 · December 20, 2012 at 6:21 PM

If I am in a car accident or have a heart attack. Send me to a hospital and an MD. They are skilled at this and are rightly so considered experts at the acute injury or life threatening immediate conditions. But it is the chronic conditions that most MDs are clueless in addressing without pharmaceuticals which often at best mask symptoms.

MDs, NDs and the spectrum of healing modalities all have have their place. There is no alternative medicine in my book, if it is proven to treat, alleviate or heal a condition that is just plain medicine.

But wary of snake oil, even though I am sure those snakes and their oil are paleo.

137 · December 20, 2012 at 12:45 PM

I'm from Canada as well and I see both! I go to my regular doctor for "quick fixes" - when I need birth control (I know, far from paleo, but I refuse to give it up yet), or something like when I had an ingrown toenail. They're also good for specialist referrals and tests if something is wrong. BUT I never ever talk to my doctor about nutrition, my bad acne, etc. Regular doctors are trained in very specific ways. I learned the hard way, last year when I was extremely sick, that regular doctors only try to cover up problems, they don't know how to fix the underlying issues. My doctor lectured me about eating paleo and how "it's bad" and she even went as far as to say that there is no need for me to eat gluten-free because it's "all hype". What!!! So last year during the time when I was in extreme pain and suffering and the doctors said nothing was wrong with me...I saw a naturopath and bam, within the first appointment she figured out I had 3 food allergies and they were giving me leaky gut syndrome. The changes I've made are incredible and she continues to help me for all my ailments, even tiny ones. I've learned that everything that goes on in or on your body is a symptom of what you put in your body and what you do in life. Sorry for my rant, I feel so strongly about this though. The best part about seeing a naturopath is that I have to go to the doctor SO much less often. Once she helped me on the right path to recovery, I only need to see her about twice a year now for a checkup, and even that probably isn't necessary. If you or your parents can afford it, I 100000% suggest giving a naturopath a try. I'm lucky because my mom is a teacher and I get $400 per year for a naturopath covered by her benefits. But in general, they help you stay healthy on the inside so that you don't end up with problems that need curing. And you wouldn't believe the things you can cure naturally without medication! Hope it helps, let me know if you have more questions :)

2328 · December 20, 2012 at 10:19 AM

See a doctor or a naturopath mainly if you have a medical problem. See a naturopath if your doctor refuses to perform a diagnostic test you want done, such as the free T4 and Free T3 tests for thyroid function. Whether or not a naturopath supports a paleo diet depends on the individual naturopath; they're not all the same. Interview some naturopaths in your area over the phone (10 minutes should be enough) to find out if they're amenable to a paleo diet.

5584 · December 20, 2012 at 5:14 PM

i think you can find more about natural health online and for way less than you ever will by going to see a naturopath. i've seen 3 and have never noticed a positive difference from the thousands i spent.

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