carbs per day to lose weight

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I will try again....I have read that 50 to 100 carbs a day is what is recommended to excel weight loss if eating just meats and veggies and eggs would that be under 100 or should i just not worry about the amount of grams per day and just stay away from sugers,breads etc

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1394 · December 17, 2012 at 4:27 AM

I suggest "Why We Get Fat And What to do About It" by Gary Taubes.

It will explain everything clearly.

One of the main things of paleo is eating until satiety, since cavemen did not limit themselves based on anything but that.

How long have you been paleo?

If you want to do low carb, sticking to meat, eggs, leafy greens, and lots of fats will get you there.

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2401 · December 17, 2012 at 4:47 AM

eat fatty meat, eggs, and fish (beef, lamb, pork, fatty fish) and non-starchy (green, above ground not root) veggies only for a month. if you get your body used to / adapted to burning fat for energy. enzymatic, metabolic, and systemic adaptations will occur.

prefer fatty cuts of meat and dont shy from this. you NEED fat to make it work. if you cant see alot of white in the cut, it isnt right. if you get this right you wont need to add any fat from anything else. if you must, olive oil, macadamias, coconut oil tallow, and real butter are ok. but you dont need it if you are eating fatty enough meat.

the adjustment month isnt fun. then the adaptation happens and it feels like magic; clear mind, stable mood, stable hunger levels. it will teach you the difference between real and (false) hormonal hunger. it will rest your insulin metabolism and heal it. it will do the same for leptin.

stay this way as you wish, for at least a couple months total. i did for five months.

dont worry about or count calories during the adjustment month. after that, get a gram scale, and consistently eat the same amount of meat a day. if youre weight loss stalls, lower that daily gram amount of meat you consume. start counting calories. if you stall for more than two weeks, lower amounts.

after you stay fat/meat only for as long as you wish (min two months), time to add carbs. if you are still above 15 percent bodyfat, i recommend a once a week carb load, say sunday night. best at night. eat less that day, then after dark begin to eat all the tubers or starch you can (sweetpotatoes, potatoes, white rice is best). take an hour or two break, do it again, until bed. this will jump start your hormonal system and give leptin a boost that creates a fat burning effect. the first time you do it, go easy as it will be a shock. dont worry about calories here. first time, say 100-200 grams of carbs. thats conservative. but each time you do it, bump it up till you can tolerate A LOT. its called Carbnite. this will work even without exercise.

when you get at or below 15 percent bodyfat (20 for a woman), and want to go lower, you can eat tubers/starch at night at moderat 1-200g levels or what feels good, 2-3 times per week, but you must exercise those days, preferably heavy weights 45min. women and men both should lift heavy.

if you want a more nonchalant approach, stay keto for two months then start having tubers/starch at night one to three times per week. night carb eating causes the best fat loss.

now, get to it.

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10077 · December 18, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Two comments not already made:

-If you're starting out near a healthy weight, a diet-only approach is going to go very slowly unless you combine it with fasting or other severe calorie restriction. If you're starting out obese it's much easier to lose on diet alone.

-The major benefit from staying away from high carbs is their high digestion rate, which leaves you feeling hungry a lot of the time and inclined to crave and binge. Finding a way to be satiated on not very much food is tricky, and high glycemic foods aren't helpful unless you combine them with high activity.

5917 · December 17, 2012 at 4:26 PM

I would characterize it this way:

  • 0% to 30% carb (roughly, 0 to 150 g carb per day) has advantages over higher carb diets for weight loss;

  • The problems with higher carb diets increase roughly linearly with amount of carbs over 30%, so a 50% carb diet will be twice as likely to inhibit weight loss as a 40% carb diet;

  • Reducing carbs toward 0% favors faster short term weight loss but longer term weight loss stalls or regains, while a carb intake closer to 30% slows immediate weight loss but is more sustainable and more likely to lead to permanent weight normalization.

And of course there are individual variations.

See Perfect Health Diet , esp Ch 17, for more details.

366 · December 17, 2012 at 3:33 AM

What exactly are you aiming for? To be perfectly, honest... you can lose weight eating twinkies. Weight loss is purely thermodynamics, simply eat more than you burn to gain weight and eat less than you burn to lose weight.

Give us some details and we will be able to help... and thus the question won't be negged.

18 · December 17, 2012 at 4:28 AM

Disagree on the Twinkies! If you're insulin resistant you have to pay attention to carbs not just calories. Of course those Twinkies are loaded with carbs!!! 50-100 carbs/day and most people should lose weight. However, if you're insulin resistant, you may have to keep it under 50 to lose weight. It's not just burning more calories than you eat, it's what your body does with what you eat. If you're insulin resistant glucose turns to fat more readily than energy. Really sucks!

15380 · December 18, 2012 at 10:44 PM

I did not see the answer that I was looking for so here is my answer:

one cup of most vegetables (raw) equals 5 carb grams. 1/2 cup of most vegetables (cooked) equals 5 carb grams.

Fruits are high in carbs. Like one small green apple is about 15 carb grams.

Starchy vegetables are high in carbs also. Like one cup of green peas would be 15 carb grams as well.

Nuts - 1 oz is about 5 carb grams.

Yogurt - one cup is about 10 carb grams or more, depending on the brand.

Anywhere from 30 to 50 is low carb. Anywhere from 60 to 70 is medium carb. Anywhere from 70 to 100 is still okay. But over 100 carb grams per day is high carb.

600 · December 17, 2012 at 10:02 PM

I was absolutely crazy at 30g per day (for six weeks). While I do best on a low carb diet (fewer than 100g per day), keto and I just don't get along. It's not the answer for everyone.

2797 · December 17, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Why do people keep going for 50 to 100?

You need zero. I average about 10g a day and do fine.

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