New to Paleo: What about nuts, organ meats, and online meat sources?

by 938 · October 08, 2011 at 10:18 PM


I've been Paleo for almost three weeks. I started it to treat an immune dysfunction that's probably due to inflammation. I'm being very strict. No eggs, no nightshades, and only ghee for dairy. I have three questions and would love some help from all of you:

1) I see that nuts are on the diet and I like to eat walnuts and almonds. I also like to put almond butter in my smoothies. But I keep coming across conflicting information on whether they have a good omega 3 to omega 6 ratios. Some people say to avoid them. Some don't. Any feedback?

2) I hate organ meats! I think that maybe I could handle beef liver -- fried with onions -- if I had to. If I don't eat organ meats, is that okay? Should I be supplementing with something else?

3) I'm getting grass-fed beef from a local rancher but have been buying grass-fed lamb online from U.S. Wellness. Yesterday I found another website called Grass-Fed Traditions and their prices are a fraction of those at U.S. Wellness. It says on their website that all their animals are grass-fed and organic. Does anyone know if this is a reputable company?

Thanks everyone! Toni

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15070 · October 08, 2011 at 12:01 AM

I would skip the nuts as much as you can... omega 6s as well as gut irritants.

If you can find it you may wanna try veal liver, it's waaaaaay more palatable than beef liver.

good luck!

40550 · October 08, 2011 at 10:18 PM

Regarding nuts, if you eat a varied diet, some nut intake is perfectly fine. The problem comes when you're downing a few servings a day of the same kind of nut. You're ultimately limiting your nutrition by eating in this manner. Of course, this applies to all things paleo folks could eat (think about the preoccupation with coconut oil, red meat and bacon...)

Regarding organ meats, nobody says you have to eat them! The only organ meat I really eat is beef heart. And when a whole cow lasts an entire year for a family of 4, you get just 1-2 meals of beef heart per year. That goes for all the organs, you're only going to get a few meals out of each.

Regarding online meats, I'm not convinced there's any advantage in price or quality. Find some locally-raised meat raised humanely, ethically, as-naturally-as-possible. It's going to be cheaper and you're going to be confident in the quality you're getting.

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