collagen and PUFAs, Omega-6 FFAs, hormones

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Hi all. My question is whether there is a significant amount of PUFAs, et.al. in animal collagen? Specifically pig and chicken skin/cartilage. I have easy access to lots of this substance but am wondering if it is worth the potential detriments to routinely consume? I am thinking that consuming 1 oz. of collagen in this form(skin, catilage-cooked) with each meal would be great for the joints and health. Given the high Omega-6 ratio, et.al in chicken and pig fat would this 'transfer over' to the collagen yielding enough of a load of hormones et.al to be significant RE: inflammation, endocrine state? Those 30 lbs. of pig's feet in the freezer are begging to be picked clean of their skin/collagen...

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24343 · April 19, 2011 at 11:13 PM

Short answer, yes. (PUFA in skin, not collagen)

Skin has lots of omega-6. When supplement companies make gelatin/collagen supplements, they extract the protein out of the mix and make it into a powder.

I don't see the need to consume one ounce of cartilage with each meal though. You might, perchance, be overthinking things a bit?

3395 · April 20, 2011 at 12:46 AM

There is exactly 0 PUFA in collagen. It's pure amino acids (glycine, lysine, arginine, if I remember correctly) with some extra -OH groups tossed in for superstructural integrity between collagen fibers.

The cartilage should have a negligible amount, if any. Cartilage is mostly a proteinaceous secretion from cells embedded within the cartilage.

The skin will contain a significant amount of PUFAs as it contains a significant amount of lipids. Not sure how much of this leeches out into stock, but you could always chill the stock and throw away the fat that freezes at the top to take care of this issue. If you make beef stock, save that fat. Free, extra-rich tallow with a favorable 3:6!

10878 · April 19, 2011 at 11:53 PM

Why not make a broth out of them and skim the fat off? Then you'll get all the good gelatin w/o the pufa's

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