Acne worsen 4th day into paleo diet....

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Hi to all who is willing to help n advise, I'm 6th day into paleo diet now n my acne had worsen to the point it's unbearable to wash my face or look in the mirror. I had acne problems on n off before I started paleo but it was still manageable but all hell broke loose the 3rd day into paleo, I woke up with around 20 red inflamed pimples mainly around my chin n jawline, a few above the lips n some on forehead n temples. It doesn't look like it's healing n I can see more are coming up around my chin. My skin now is at it's worst ever n painful to touch. My main acne area has always been my chin n jawline but now it's spreading to places I never used to break out like my forehead, temples n cheeks.

I follow a very strict paleo diet since day 1. My diet consists of: Breakfast: vegetable smoothie( only green veg add with water n blend, no sugar or fruits)

Lunch: either pork or beef(with garlic n onions) with steamed or fried veg.

Dinner: baked fish with herbs with steamed or fried veg.

I had eggs n fruits when I started paleo but eliminate it all when my acne was getting worse. I also did not add salt into my cooking at all, my main seasonings are just all kinds of herbs. No nuts or diary at all. I take 2x30mg zinc picolinate, 2x900mg fish oil, 2x160mg saw palmetto, 1 1000mg vit C daily, plenty of water n 2 cups of white tea daily.

Is it some kind of purging of toxins in my body thus all this acne? Should I continue with this diet? I'm really scared n desperate to see the state of my face now, even my daughter is a little afraid to look at me n I feel so depress. FYI, I'm 35, female.

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77348 · October 30, 2011 at 7:28 PM

Toxins are found in adipose tissue. Lots of them. We know this from "Monitoring Human Tissues for Toxic Substances" research project. Authors stated that "we are exposed continually to a wide range of chemical substances [and that] some are known to be toxic at common exposure levels, and others might be toxic."

From: http://www.thorne.com/altmedrev/.fulltext/5/2/133.pdf

Chemicals known as solvents are part of a broad class of chemicals called volatile organic compounds. These compounds are used in a variety of settings, are ubiquitous, and off-gas readily into the atmosphere. As a result of their overuse, they can be found in detectable levels in virtually all samples of both indoor and outdoor air. Certain of these compounds are detectable in adipose samples of all U.S. residents. Once in the body they can lead to a variety of neurological, immunological, endocrinological, genitourinary, and hematopoietic problems. Some individuals also have metabolic defects that diminish the liver’s clearing capacity for these compounds. Supplementation may be of benefit to help clear these compounds from the body and to prevent adverse health effects.

We also have review "White Adipose Tissue: Storage and Effector Site for Environmental Pollutants".

You can find other references in those papers.

So it can be detox, especially if you started loosing weight. There is possibility that improved diet caused detoxication. Increased input of iodine, for instance, can cause acne by causing bromide detox. Higher vitamin C input can also increase detoxication.

183 · October 30, 2011 at 4:13 PM

I used to have that problem when I was supplementing with fish oil. I have since switched to fermented cod liver oil and added butter oil haven't had a pimple since. This is the brand I use. http://www.amazon.com/Royal-Butter-Fermented-Liver-Blend/dp/B002M06SMU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319991198&sr=8-1

40652 · October 30, 2011 at 2:33 PM

My acne has always about about a 7-day lag time between stressor and breakout. Did perhaps go on a bender right before starting paleo? Give it 1 month before concluding that it's the paleo eats that are causing the problem. After a longer period of time, you can conclude that it's likely you added something that your body doesn't agree with.

You're not "detoxing." Our bodies don't intentionally store toxins and unintentionally stored toxins aren't magically released all at once.

EDIT: Also, I've discovered that I'm sensitive to Vitamins A and E and those tend to cause me to break out. Only really a problem when using a multivitamin. Whole foods high in A and E do not have that effect (or I just never eat enough of them for the effect to occur).

0 · February 13, 2013 at 1:59 AM

hey! i am on my second week of paleo and my acne has not calmed down yet. i definitely started breaking out a lot more when i started this diet, getting it all over my face, my neck, my hairline, my back, even my chest. i have never had so much acne before. i do not eat any sugars, dairy, grains or legumes, and i take several vitamin supplements a day that include vitamin c, b-complex, bilberry, flaxseed/fish oil/omega 6 & 9, vitamin e, vitamin d, biotin, b-12, and magnesium. is there anything i can do to help ease the seemingly continuous growth of new pimples? i saw the posts about cod liver oil instead of fish oil, and that this burst of acne fades with time, but how long does that take? is there something i am doing wrong or missing? thanks!!! other than the acne, i feel the healthiest that i have felt in my life!!! and i can already see positive changes in my weight :)

35 · December 07, 2012 at 4:29 AM

I'm also new to Paleo. There was a point in time, however, when I decided to switch to cleaner food (more fresh fruits & veggies, no processed foods, low-fat though), and I started to break out. I never had acne growing up so when this happened to me at the age of 22 I was in shock. I found out later this was just a step your body goes through when it is detoxifying itself. I'm pretty sure the breakouts are only going to be temporary. It was the case for me, and after a while, my skin cleared up and was in even greater condition than before. I also got acne on my back during this detox phase. It will pass! Hang in there :)

0 · December 07, 2012 at 4:15 AM

Hi Hope,

I am just starting my Paleo diet for acne and I was wondering how your results turned out? I've noticed my acne getting slightly worse as well (I'm on my 3rd day of the diet). Did your acne eventually clear up? And how long did it take?


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