Colitis and other autoimmune problems

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Just got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I already have celiac, liver and heart problems, hypothyroidism, and now this. I feel like I am making my best efforts to be strict autoimmune paleo, and I just keep getting worse! I am so open to any ideas or suggestions! Help!

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20 · April 19, 2012 at 6:37 AM

I have ulcerative colits. My life was pretty miserable, switched to Paleo and the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet for chron's and colitis) in May. My symptoms dramatically improved to the point where I could live a semi-normal life, but while it was easy for me to stay 100% Paleo, it was harder to stay strict SCD- I think strict SCD really helps for colitis, though it is hard to avoid all the little additives in random things like allergy medication, for example. Anyway I stayed Paleo, and added the auto-immune protocol, but really wasn't seeing any good results, in fact I kept losing weight from the many bowel movements a day and adding more fat, did not help anything. I tried 10 session with an acupuncturist and chinese herbals too. This helped with recharging my body tremendously. I believe I had some adrenal fatigue and this helped tremendously with balancing out my body and supporting my liver functioning. Unfortunately my colitis didn't really improve much. After another scope in December, my disease had progressed and I ended up going on meds, which I had actively avoided for 2 years. I feel so much better now, and all I can say is that sometimes we just need that little extra push on the healing path and modern medicine can sometimes give us that. It sounds like your issues are much more extensive, but now that my colits is under control, I feel like I am able to work with my diet more. I am at a healthy weight, and feel like my body is much better at absorbing the nutrition from my food. I am planning on doing the Leptin Reset Protocol and hope to be healthy enough to transition of my meds by the end of that. Good Luck.

410 · April 13, 2012 at 6:08 PM

Paleo can help. Check out Robb Wolf's autoimmune protocol. Another good option is the GAPS diet - www.gaps.me - GAPS provides a great process for healing from autoimmune disease including things like bone broth and fermented veggies.

All autoimmune diseases will also benefit from Vitamin D (get your levels up to 60 - 80), LDN, omega 3/krill, and a combo of boswellia & curcumin.

Find more links & research at www.crohnsdad.com


15380 · April 13, 2012 at 5:57 PM

I am going to give you a partial answer. Partial, because I am in the same boat.

  1. I was diagnosed with celiac. Went gluten free and... developed all kind of food allergies. Lactose, grain, legumes, nuts, citrus... you name it.

  2. Went on Paleo. Got a terrible fatigue and more food sensitivities. Developed leaky gut (not as a result of Paleo, but it was just not noticeable before).

  3. Was diagnosed with gastric erosion. As far as I see it now, it was an autoimmune gastritis. The doctor did not know about it. Prescribed PPI.

  4. Went off PPI, against my doc to beat the fatigue. Started Terry Wahls (strict Paleo). But fatigue and constipation (severe) remains.

Okay, so now here is my take on this. Before, when I was eating gluten, my body had something to attack. Now, when I am gluten-free, it attacks everything it wants. That's autoimmune for you. It attacks my stomach lining, my liver, other things.

Okay, my solution:

I went to a Chinese medicine guy (who does herbs) and am looking for a good naturopath. Food only is not the answer at this point. I will let you know how it goes. If the stuff they prescribe is going to help, I am going to recommend you do it too. If not, we will figure it out somehow.

Don't ever give up!!! You are not alone!!! Hang on!!!

-2 · April 13, 2012 at 6:11 PM

Find out what your triggers are, they may not just be gluten. Look up a book called "How to Eat Away Arthritis" by Lauri Aesoph, ND, its an easy read and provides an introduction to finding out what you're sensitive to so you can modify your diet for a range of issues not just arthritis. I control my Lupus with diet and exercise alone. Best of luck to you!

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