Gaps to heal gut, but can't seem to function without the starch.

by 384 · October 17, 2013 at 09:36 PM

So i've been trying a lot of different things with paleo to figure out why i've been so fatigued and fruit makes me feel hypoglycemic even though my blood sugar levels are fine. I came across the Perfect Health Diets outlook on eating more starchy carbs (i was following an SCD type paleo, which really helped but with more cheats than i should probably have). Been eating to get my macronutrients to 65% fat, 20% carbs and 15% protein and it seems to work well for energy levels.

The thing is, i feel like my GERD, wheeziness, air hunger (which i'm sure are all down to digestion) return after a while. Also find my throat and eyes itch and i have hayfever-like symptoms which disappeared on SCD/GAPS. HCL + pepsin seems to ferment it all and make it worse with the carbs and a digestive enzyme i got prescribed from a naturopath doesn't seem to really help.

I feel like a GAPS approach and doing it properly would be best but whenever i drop the starch (usually just sweet potatoes), i feel exhausted, have a thirst that no amount of water can quench and always end up hungry and shakey no matter how much fat i consume. Feel like i'm kind of stuck in the middle and can't seem to get settled on one.

On the one hand i feel better with higher carbs, never feel the need to cheat, feel stronger, more energy but can't get the idea out of my head that i'm not letting myself heal even though i drink quite a bit of bone broth and kefir in small amounts. Maybe it's because i came across the SCD/GAPS approach first and am convinced starch will cause issues. What do you all think? Should i just settle with what causes the less issues or push myself onto a diet without the starch.

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0 · October 17, 2013 at 09:36 PM

starch actually helps maintain a halthy muscus lineng in the gut

2318 · October 17, 2013 at 08:25 PM

@Matt 61,

I think that you've provided your own answer. After a month of JERF (just eating real foods), you can begin to trust the signals your body gives you. People are different, and some have a higher tolerance for carbs than other. You can heal your gut with the methods you're using and the starches you mention.

You can also consider eating dried green (not ripe) plantain chips for highly-portable starch. I've seen these in the bulk foods section of my local Sprouts store, and there's probably a way to buy them online.

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