Healthy fast food?

by 10 · March 07, 2012 at 02:24 PM


have you heard of this new concept opening in copenhagen what is your opinion?

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5115 · March 07, 2012 at 02:24 PM

One of the biggest challenges of tackling the health issues that paleo improves is the existing food industry and culture. Of course the purists can say that fast food misses the point, and that we are losing something valuable by trying to fit paleo foods to our modern sensibilities. It's kind of the same argument against using nut flours to eat pies and muffins every day. I'd say it's also the same argument against having food available out of season. We simply don't know or understand enough to be sure of what the impact of all this is, so we are better off sticking as close as possible to the paleolithic lifestyle. And that's just not practical.

So in the spirit of achieving 90% of the benefits, and doing so in a way that makes the diet accessible to the vast majority of people, paleo restaurants and fast food are vital. People need to believe that they are not missing out, either in terms of convenience or simply having a restricted menu. It may be more expensive, but then if you look at the ingredients typically used in standard fast food places there is ever-increasing evidence that those decisions are driven by market demand - and that that demand is equally interested in health as price. Once we can establish that canola oil isn't actually a badge of health things can and will change quickly. So I don't think cost needs to be an issue.

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