Paleo Splinter Cells

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I am curious as to how the paleosphere is splintering as it matures and have today, become aware of a new front opening up!

From memory we've seen:

  1. The Quilt's 'Try to eat as soon as possible upon rising in the AM' vs Leangains/IF which recommends 8/16 feeding windows.
  2. 'LC Paleo' vs 'high carb' (or at least the reformation of potatoes).
  3. 'No dairy' vs dairy.
  4. Cordain et.al's 'lower fat' version of paleo compared to Paleo 2.0 which supports fat consumption.

Will we eventually come full circle and settle on a 'just eat real food' approach? Or, is it simply a case of avoiding the NAD (highly processed food) and the eating/snacking habits they engender? Anyone want to hazard a guess at the next paleo-tenet to fall?

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37013 · July 25, 2011 at 2:08 PM

In the long run, variety makes a food plan sustainable and common sense is more healthy than fanatical obedience to a narrow set of rules.

I also think most who read widely and stay primal/paleo for more than a few months will get over fears of fat, fruit, etc. and eat the way our ancestors did--if your mouth says it's palatable and your gut rewards you with energy and a sense of well-being, you're doing things right and it doesn't matter whether others eat it or not. Frankly, any highly processed food that can pass that test is also okay with me. I just haven't found any yet.

8753 · July 25, 2011 at 3:38 PM

What Nance said!! Everyone is different so everyone will/should eat slightly differently based on what their body tells them and their goals in doing so.

Having followed many rigid trends before and success for a while and then total relapse, I think those who are looking for the 'perfect' outline to follow will find disappointment learking around the corner.

It really is this simple, eat real food, eat what you need when you need it and you should be healthy and happy!!

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