Teen on paleo, meals sound good/modifications?

by 0 · April 27, 2014 at 06:24 AM

Hi, 17 year old teen girl at 5"1.. Wondering if this is good for meals..

Beeakfast today was one hard boiled egg, some romaine with kale and olive oil and apple cider vinegar.. A littlle bit of homemade canned salmon (1/4 cup) and a banna with butter and cinnamon.

Played a soccer game

Came home had an applle, hard boiled egg, tiny slice of sweet potato a. Carrot, bit more salmon and i think fruit makes me crave sugar because i had another apple(! Should i do without fruit to see what happens?) and 2 squares of 90% lindt chocolate and tiny bit of nuts (4 or 5)

Soccer game #2

Dinner might just be bulletproof coffee with coconut oil and butter and some veggies or something light, not sure

Any suggestions?

I often turn to fruit (sometimes too much, can have 3 apples a day!), veggies sometimes nuts, deli meat, seasnacks, sometimes cheese/greek yogurt, olives and avocado

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10067 · April 26, 2014 at 09:34 PM

Your meals sound OK. They just need to be a lot bigger. For what you're doing start out at 2000 calories a day and eat more as needed.

For example, 3 cans of tuna, 5 sweet potatoes, 3 apples, an egg, half a cube of butter and 4 cups of carrots and kale should be going into your stomach every day. Or however you want to do it.

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560 · April 26, 2014 at 08:39 PM

Sounds like you're very active. Fruit is a good idea! I'm not that active and can go through 2 apples, a banana, a couple mangoes, and an orange in a day (or some random combo like that) depending on my activity level. Don't demonize fruit unless you're fat and diabetic and sedentary! Even then... the Paleo anti-fruit thing is kind of silly IMO, especially for active young people.

I'm also not so sure bulletproof coffee is a good idea for a young active girl, especially at dinner time (great time for a sweet potato). You need to focus on eating lots of whole, real foods. Eat as much veggies as you want, plenty of fruit, some sweet potato, lots of butter and olive oil on your veggies/potatoes... And consider getting some fatty cuts of beef every few days.

Also, you should eat some liver now and then if you don't hate it. If not, eat egg yolks and asparagus and mushrooms and stuff like that.

The most important thing is to avoid bad foods and eat lots of veggies and fruit and plenty of fat and a bit of meat.

You could try tracking your food on cronometer.com or something similar to make sure you're not deficient in anything.

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