Tips for Eating Out while maintaining a Paleo diet

by 482 · March 31, 2012 2:21 AM

Since someone asked me this question in a previous post, I thought maybe more people might be interested in how someone who chronically eats out maintains a Paleo diet.

Breakfast: I'm fortunate enough to work at a place with a full service cafeteria. So for Breakfast I always eat a four egg(Omega-3 enriched) omelet with ham, peppers, onions and mushrooms. I will add 4-5 pieces of bacon on the side and drink a glass of water. I pretty much eat the same breakfast everyday. cost: $7

Lunch: I have a few options here... Thai Food: Green Curry chicken, extra hot, switching out the rice with mixed vegetables....thank you Robb Wolf Peruvian Food: Whole Peruvian Chickens Nandos: http://www.nandosperiperi.com/ Basically Whole African Chickens Hot Bar places(food by the pound places): Broccoli, Collard Greens, Chicken, Duck, Garlic Steak, Asparagus, Seafood mix Work Cafeteria: Same as above. Cost: $10-$18

Dinner: Kabob Places are a REALLY good cheap Paleo food. I always eat the same place everyday. They have chicken(white meat), chicken tikka(dark meat), lamb, beef and salmon kabobs. Each meal comes with two sides and a naan(which I throw away). I always get a double serving of spinach, sometimes when I feel like a tiny bit of carb intake, I switch out one of the spinach sides with sweet pumpkin. 90% of the time I get chicken tikka, the other 10% I get salmon. This is pretty much the dinner I eat Monday thru thursday, except on Friday when I go my farmers market and eat a rotisserie chicken. Cost: $10(unless I get salmon which is $14). I eat the same dinner every day. This is where I go... http://www.maiwandkabob.com/

Other: I keep Strawberry coconut milk in the fridge, just in case, I'm still hungry, Toss in some Gluten Free grass fed Jerky, seaweed salad and Gluten/dairy/soy free stone ground chocolate and wine here and there and this is basically my diet.

In case you're wondering the main reason I eat out so much is because I have an 1.5 hour commute each way everyday. Eating out often during the week allows me to eat dinner early, get in a good workout and still get to bed early. When I was cooking each day I wasn't eating until 10-11pm every night getting to bed at 12-1am each day...and yes my cafeteria really has Omega-3 enriched eggs :)

Sorry this is poorly written...back to work!

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11071 · May 25, 2011 6:22 PM

While I don't go out to eat much due to budget constraints, and generally preferring my own cooking to most restaurants, I do live in a part of the world with a plethora of farmers and ranchers growing and raising organic produce and grass fed meats and dairy. So I just know which restaurants support our local sustainable agriculture, and support those restaurants.

0 · March 31, 2012 2:21 AM

What about going to places like McDonalds, or curry houses? Im a Marine stationed in Japan, and my unit goes to places like this all the time for platoon get togethers. I cant just bring my food into the resteraunt, and most places will make you leave if you dont order something.

3621 · April 16, 2011 at 12:54 AM

but isn't all that meat you're getting (esp chkn) a big ugly arsenal of unsustainable, factory-farmed, gmo corn-fed, antibiotic-and-chemical laden omega-6-bombs? what's so paleo about it? sounds like atkins sans additives pretty much.

NOT JUDGING, just sayin. and legitimately wondering.. why are you HERE? i.e. why here and not some other diet/nutrition forum for celiacs or low-carb or whathaveyou. maybe what i'm asking is in general what attracts people to this primal/paleo label? archevore whatever, i mean HERE. For me "paleo" makes sense because that's already how i've been living my life, in general, not much has changed for me except the meat/carb ratio switched. tho i'm new to the "paleo" ideology i'm coming from a "vegetarian" label (which i find i'm missing as a rather convenient shorthand descriptor, for better or worse), and have lived for many years as sustainably and "naturally" as i can/wish to, in an urban environment.

ok now i'm babbling but what are you doing? how long can you keep this up? what's the point of being healthy (assuming it IS working) if you spend three hours in a car and go to the same places and eat the same things every single day? drive/eat/work/sleep!? are you a robot? a paleo-robot from the future-past? perhaps you are very passionate about your work. or very passionate about $.

i keep saying "you" but please don't take it personally - i'd like anyone to weigh in. i know I'M the weirdo here, and i'm literally an adult that never grew up, i don't have "routines" or "commutes" and I might LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER -- (jk) but i really wonder WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF PALEO? FOR YOU? (and anyone else) you might be a robot, but godblessya, at least you won't be foggy and dopey and fat and rashy and (hopefully) not a burden on the health-care system. THANK YOU for taking care of yr business. we're all doing the best we can i guess.

ps. i ate carne asada from a crappy mexaurant today, so.. y'kno. shrug. i ain't proud.

1758 · April 16, 2011 2:11 AM

You mean tips for not being paleo while still being paleo?

Can't give that to you, pal! I'm not a magical sorcerer or something.

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