Zero-carbers and low carbers: Where do you get 3.5g of potassium daily?

by 15 · August 08, 2013 at 02:34 PM

I find it difficult to get enough potassium when low carb without resorting to massive amounts of vegetables, vegetable juice and coconut water. I believe my brain fog and memory issues might be due to a long time potassium defiency on low carb. I am thinking of simply supplementing 10-15g of potassium gluconate (1.67-2.5g of potassium) a day at least while I am losing weight. Do you track your potassium? Zero carb diets I have seen would not have much potassium. (I am interesting in going sub-20g carb or zero-carb)

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2282 · August 08, 2013 at 12:09 PM

Any particular reason why you want to go zero carb? n=1 zero carb can cause a lot of issues in terms of making sure you get all the essential minerals, macros and vitamins that your body needs without turning your kitchen cupboard into a supplement shelf (which can be quite pricey and not all that healthy IMO). Sticking to a range of whole foods will lessen any chance you have of being potassium (or any other macro/vitamin etc) deficient. For reference, the following foods are excellent 'low carb' choices that are higher in potassium (per cup):


  • Parsley 332mg
  • Cilantro 83mg
  • Basil 70mg
  • Paprika (1tblsp 158mg)


  • Red Peppers 314mg
  • Tomatoes 427mg
  • Beet Greens 290mg
  • Spinach 167mg
  • Swiss Chard 136mg
  • Portebello Mushrooms 416mg
  • 1 Avocado 975mg
  • Zucchini 325mg
  • Kale 299mg

Fish and Meat

  • Cod 954mg
  • Salmon 1434mg
  • Mackerel 352mg
  • Tuna 408mg (1 can)
  • Pork chop 773mg
  • Beef (blade steak) 471mg

Nuts & Seeds

  • Sunflower seeds 903mg
  • Flax seeds 1366mg
  • Almonds 1008mg
  • Coconut Meat/Water 730mg
  • Cashews 888mg

If you do Dairy...

  • Whole Milk 349mg
  • Yogurt 380mg

I've also heard of people adding natural sea and mineral salts to their food/water since low carb tends to be super low in sodium, which may help.

I'm always hesitant to just start taking supplements. If you want to know your exact potassium try tracking everything in something like Cronometer and then adding in some whole foods to make up the difference. A diet that removes all good carbs won't be sustainable.

Good luck!

32177 · August 08, 2013 at 02:34 PM

Supplementing may be a good idea for a few months, just to get our level up.

Keeping your sodium level up will help your body retain potassium. I eat a ketogenic diet and get my potassium from meat, seafood and bone broth. I add Celtic sea salt to my bone broth and liberally salt my food.

105 · August 08, 2013 at 01:48 PM

I'm not a zero carb-er by any means, but I'm super sensitive to electrolytes being off (palpitations, toe cramps, you name it). On the days I notice I haven't jammed in my minerals (usually around the time one of my toes tries to escape my foot), I mix up one or two packs of electromix with water.


It might have some funky "natural flavors" or something unpaleo-ish like that in it, but it's lightly (LIGHTLY) sweetened with stevia only and it does the trick for me.

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