Are there any paleo politicians out there?

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Are there any paleo politicians out there - especially at the federal level? I am in the United States, but I'd also be curious to hear answers from other countries. It seems having someone who believes in eating real food in politics, could help push the country in the right direction in terms of public health policies, research funding, farm subsidies, etc.

I'm sure not many of us would vote solely based on this one issues, but it could be a factor to consider. I'm guessing the paleo movement is still small enough where a politician wouldn't focus a lot of effort on it in order to gain votes, but I don't see what would preclude a politician from adopting this way of eating anyway.

Someone marked this to close as "subjective and argumentative." I don't think it's subjective. This is a question of fact. Are there any paleo politicians? Yes or no? And, if yes, who? And, I'm not really making any kind of argument - just asking a question. What am I missing?

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40740 · January 17, 2013 at 8:42 PM

Just some of the characteristics of the paleo diet seems to align it with libertarianism: free markets and fiscal conservatism (choosing local over industrial, individuals choose their own diet), social liberalism (less Bible thumpers, after all paleo is rooted in evolutionary biology), anti-establishment (conventional diet wisdom is wrong, wrong, wrong!)

I love that Robb Wolf is unabashedly libertarian.

Of course, there are elements of paleo that come across as the typical stereotypes of "liberal" and "conservative". Eating lots of animals... steak for every meal... sounds red-state to me! Buying organic local produce from farmers markets... certainly sounds blue-state hippy.

8004 · January 17, 2013 at 7:01 PM

Not that I know of, until Robb Wolf runs for office on the libertarian ticket!

He's talked about it once or twice, mostly in jest, I'm sure, but you never know.

11251 · January 17, 2013 at 5:25 PM

I doubt it. The nexus of paleo and political is decidedly libertarian. In fact, the most play paleo/primal/WAPF gets is, which is an off-shoot of The only real politician associated with them on a national level is Ron Paul, and I while I am sure he eats more traditionally than the mainstream, I don't think he's on the paleo bandwagon.

So, most potential paleo politicos actually reject the political circus as a way to get anything done at all. Many of us won't even vote out of principle.

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