My Nose Runs: Is This Due to Aging or Hormonal Changes?

by 340 ยท May 29, 2012 at 8:10 AM

I been having a runny nose recently. I used to suffer from hay fever about 10-15 years ago. Recently, however, it hasn't been a problem. I believe the cause of my runny nose this time is non-allergic; I experience the same runny nose all seasons (Fall/Winter). I asked some relatives of mine and they replied that it's due to "aging." Is it?

I'm not taking about having a runny nose when eating something hot. When I do eat something hot and spicy, my nose runs and my tears well up. That's natural. What I'm experiencing seems to be due to hormonal changes (internal) rather than seasonality or environmental agents or toxins (external). Anyone else experience this in their mid-forties?

Eating strict Paleo with yams and sweet potatoes. No cheats. No dairy.

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