Help with my sleep?

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I haven't been sleeping well at all for probably the last 6-8 weeks and it's starting to take it's toll now.

I have carbs at every meal. Breakfast I have plantain pancakes and most of the time I add in 1/2 a cut up banana. Lunch time I have a med/lg sweet potato and dinner/snack (depending on how hungry I am) always includes a banana. Other than what I mentioned above, I don't eat other fruits often. I feel like I'm making sure there are enough carbs and I eat plenty of fat (I cook everything in unmeasured amounts of avocado oil or ghee, usually). I lift twice a week (sunday & wednesday) and do a 1-2 hour hike twice a week. My sleep isn't any better or worse on days I work out.

I am almost 30 and female if that info is important. My room is dark and cool and I have a sound machine on to mask any outdoor noises (cars, trains, etc.)

Any advice?

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0 · May 12, 2014 at 4:46 AM

Thank you for all your suggestions! I gave in and took melatonin for 2 nights. I don't really know what made the difference but will refer back to the suggestions should the sleeping issues return. I've been eating a bit more sugary things, staying up a bit later with friends and not always sleeping alone. I just hope adding birth control back in soon doesn't mess with all the new positiveness I've got going on! Thanks again!

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568 · May 07, 2014 at 10:24 PM

Some things to try:

-Eat most of your carbs at dinner time or 30-60 minutes before bed. Not as much need during the day... You could even have almost nothing but carbs in the evening.

-Consider dropping the whole low carb thing, though it sounds like you're getting a good 100-150 grams which is good. I eat more personally... Completely stopped paleo macro ratios though I might go back to restricting carbs later. I JERF...

-Are you especially stressed lately? Relax. Do some stretching and turn off all electronics in the hour or two before bed.

-Do you take magesium supplements? Try supplementing 300-700mg at night. Chances are you're deficient. Most people are...

I just ordered some orange glasses specially designed to block out blue light at night and help improve meletonin production. They work great for others and I can't wait to test. Could also just pop some meletonin tablets if you're desperate.

105 · May 07, 2014 at 9:45 PM

I have read that people go through low energy phase when they suddenly stop estrogen therapy.

I do not know if Estrogen in BC pill is high enough to cause that kind of problem.

Estrogen lowers metabolism and temperature and stopping BC pill can increase your

metabolism and need for calories. During sleep body mostly uses liver glycogen storage as energy source. Lactose and Fructose are the best source of sugar to replete liver glycogen.

You can experiment with fruit juice or sugary drink before bed to see it improves sleep.

Gelatin is a very powerful sleeping aid. You can try bone broth or gummy candy before bed.

Banana is high in starch unless is it very very ripe.

0 · May 07, 2014 at 9:11 PM

I don't know if this matters at all but I also stopped taking birth control on April 3rd. It was a low dose hormone pill.

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