Toddler snacks that are dairy/egg/nut free?

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Hi, I need some snacks for my toddler who is 13 months old that he can manage to eat himself and preferably that can be taken out with us. He can't have whole nuts, and seems to react a bit to nuts, so I'm keen to get other ideas. We don't do dairy and I'm wary of too many eggs. He's not super keen on veges, although I still offer them. Most of the kid/baby snack ideas I've seen seem to be dairy or nut based, so I'm looking for other ideas. Here's what I do so far: Meat based snacks: jerky (super expensive in NZ!), luncheon, liverwurst, sausages. Coconut based: waffles, macaroons, banana pieces rolled in sunbutter then coconut. Fresh fruit. Vege based: avocado, kale chips, slices of kumara, cooked carrot and broccoli .

Any other ideas? It seems like a lot when it's written down, but little ones need to snack so much!

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5323 · June 19, 2012 at 5:46 AM

You might benefit from a food dehydrator, to make jerky and dried fruit with...careful with drying high sugar fruit though, it concentrates the sugars, and may lend to a sweet tooth..(if thats even avoidable in our society lol)

4531 · June 19, 2012 at 4:35 AM

Make your own, or find a local butcher to get some pemmican (see US Wellness Meats) made locally. And jerky can be made at home for cheap! My guy likes canned sardines, hardboiled eggs and maybe you could be preferential to feeding yolks (seems the trouble proteins are in the whites?), pickles, olives...

421 · June 19, 2012 at 10:14 AM

Fruit: does not go off at room temp, packaged by nature, left-overs biodegradable, cost effective, uber-healthy, tasty, soft options available for the toothless. What more do you need?

1173 · June 19, 2012 at 5:14 AM

My kiddo loved dried fruits; apple rings, mango jerky, banana chips... they are portable and great to stash in your car and fantastic for teething. (my son didn't cut his first tooth until 10 months, but when they came in they came in ALL AT ONCE)

I kept a tupperware container of cucumber, carrots and celery sticks cut up -- they are great to dip in guacamole or by themselves and keep for a while.

Sweet Potato chips (make them yourself, slice, coat with olive oil and bake!) fried plantains...

This may not work for on-the-go, but freezing a 1/2 banana/apple slices and putting it in those little mesh bags they can hold, ice cubes in there too for teething is great. Messy! But a wonderful summertime cool off activity

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