Which is better? Processed sugars or raw honey/maple syrup?

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I've been reading about sugar lately and how it is composed of both fructose and glucose in different quantites depending on the type of sugar. The main difference between the two ingredients is that glucose is metabolized by every cell in the body, as opposed to only the liver like fructose is.

From my readings, it appears that fructose is the bad guy here. If the liver is overloaded with too much fructose too quickly, it will begin processing it into fat (i.e. why sodas make people fat!).

My question is, in many paleo recipes they call for natural sugars like raw honey and pure maple syrup yet these sweeteners still have a relatively high fructose level. Why exactly are these sweeteners better*** for us?

* I use "better" lightly, becuase I do know they are only okay in moderation. Just trying to justify the purchase of these expenseive "raw" sweeteners as opposed to the cheaper, processed sugars if they both contain similar levels of fructose.

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12804 · March 13, 2012 at 5:12 PM

Raw sugar probably contains allergens and is pretty high in iron. White sugar is pure and safe in the right context(nutrient rich diet).

Fructose is good for you and better to get from fruit.

11648 · March 13, 2012 at 8:34 PM

I'm personally a big proponent of raw, unfiltered and local honey, which has major health benefits when eaten raw, especially for those with gut or allergy issues. Just brush your teeth after eating some and you will be fine.

806 · March 13, 2012 at 3:37 PM

I feel there is little difference between so-called "more natural" sugars vs. refined.

Though "natural sugars" consumed from WHOLE FOODS such as fruit WILL be less problematic than isolated sugars taken apart from whole food. Fruit contains fiber and antioxidants which helps to partially offset the bad stuff fructose does, such as raising uric acid levels.

Honey is actually MORE cavity causing than refined sucrose because it STICKS to teeth. Kinda like dried fruits do. Though honey does contain some antioxidants apparently, which MAY partially offset some of the internal damage it can do.

There is also a specific honey from New Zealand, which supposedly does NOT cause cavities due to very high anti-bacterial properties. It's even used to treat antibiotic resistant infections it works so well.

I may have also read that high fructose corn syrup is a "left hand" version of the "right hand" version of fructose which occurs in nature? Not sure about that though.

All I know is I avoid all sugars. I use a bit of stevia or truvia instead.

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