hack my interfase protocol - best germicides for SIBO bugs?

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I'm looking for the best affordable herbs or supplements to help kill bacteria (and perhaps candida?) once they have been dislodged from their biofilms. Any suggestions or feedback would be welcome.


For the past few months I've been experimenting with a protocol to help clear out a suspected small-bowel dysbiosis.

The core of the protocol is interfase, a blend of polysaccharide-specific enzymes made by klaire labs which Paul Jaminet recommended to disrupt biofilms. (I initially began with interfase+ which includes the chelator EDTA and appeared to be much cheaper on Amazon, but I had heard that taking it can easily lead to nutrient deficiencies, and when I started getting stubborn colds one after another I bit the bullet and got regular interfase. Turns out that the dosage of interfase is one pill vs two for interfase+, so interfase is actually cheaper, as one would have thought)

I did some research and found a number of protocols online (many for chronic lymes disease) which combine interfase+ with herbs and other supplements to kill germs, support the immune system, and mop up toxins. Many of these protocols included 10 or more supplements, and I don't have the budget to do something like that!

Here's what I'm doing: twice a day, on an empty stomach (upon waking and 2 hours after dinner) I take interfase. 25 minutes later I take grapefruit seed extract. 40 mintues to an hour later I take activated charcoal to clear out any toxins.

I'm also taking lactoferrin daily with lunch which I heard encourages bacteria not to form biofilms, and I'm eating bone broth and raw milk kefir to try to heal my gut.

I've heard mixed things about grapefruit seed extract so that's what I'm most interested in tweaking in my protocol, but any suggestions are welcome.


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340 · June 25, 2012 at 5:10 AM

I ordered and used Interfase for about 6 months, taking much smaller doses than recommended, as I was also taking various probiotics. What for: suspected dysbiosis ... which could have also been SIBO ... and to battle those pesky biofilms.

Did very little for me. Never even felt that Interfase was helping me digest things better. Never noticed anything actually. But then neither did the dozen probiotics that I tried. When I ran out of Interfase, didn't bother replacing it, which was the only digestive enzyme brand I tried. What did work for me somewhat was Threelac and increased Magnesium dosage and higher carbs. But you case could be a lot different. My problem was suspected gut dysbiosis resulting in constipation; I may have not have had the biofilm problem, whereas you might.

Now, I'm completely cured and I can tell you that those dozen brands of probiotics and Interfase had nothing to do with the cure. Threelac did work momentarily though I no longer take it and I'm fine. One day, the constipation that bothered me for 3 years was just gone. Just like Puff the Magic Dragon. Chalk one up for being ideopathic.

4395 · June 15, 2012 at 5:16 PM

Most affordable and effective I think would be Cloves.
I use Oregon Wild Harvest because its organic.

Oil of Oregano is very effective in my experience but is pricey (I use Gaia or Designs for Health)

Also Allergy Research Group makes a product called Tricycline that is very good http://www.allergyresearchgroup.com/Tricycline-90-Vegetarian-Caps-p-248.html

4113 · June 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM

P'aou d'arco tea, maybe tea tree oil and oil of oregano.

8 · June 24, 2012 at 11:22 PM

I've read volumes regarding SIBO...it is really changed my entire life The very first thing to do is get to the bottom of what is really causing the SIBO..get a diagnosis. Here are the natural cures I've read about Organic Virgin coconut oil 3 or 4 x a day, Peppermint pills, Oregano pills,Garlic pills, Oregon grape. Grape fruit Seed extract, Berberine help tons. STOP all sugar, lactose, grains, alchohol, and no caffeine. Even though I was tested and diagnosed with SIBO I think I have chronic appendicitis NOT Acute appendicitis . Chronic appenditis today might be easily treated with antibiotics . So to be sure I'm getting the baruim swallow with follow through. Although not to rule one doctor thinks it might be because my body isn't producing stomach acid so it does not kill the bacteria in stomach while digesting leading to bacterial overgrowth . I'm ON Glutagentic and HCL DO NOT SNACK EVER in fact cut down to two meals if you can skip dinner and drink water with clove oil and oregano oil mixed throughout the the evening please remember to always use a straw. This is what I have figured out different doctors have different theories ...if your not getting anywhere then find a new dr. Seriously SIBO is on my last nerve, it is getting close to one year with SIBO! Okay I have dr in the family so he suggests baruim swallow and follow through which I'm going to do I have this upcoming week, to see if I have chronic appendicitis. I wanted to add that I read a case where someone with SIBO saw a Chinese doctor they took herb for 2.5 weeks and they were cured! So if you can find a really good Chinese dr that really listens well perhaps they can make up a strong formula and guess what they formulas typically do NOT cause any yeast infections or sinus infection it only kills the SIBO

77348 · June 16, 2012 at 8:06 AM

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