How Paleo reduces excessive underarm sweating

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Around the age of 12, I began to notice that I sweat more than others. The only problem area was my underarms. I never had excessive back sweat or excessive sweat anywhere else. I must also make it clear that this sweat was NOT related to exercise. I always sweat excessively under my arms, even during the winter. This became a problem. I had to make sure that I was not lifting my arm or moving it in any way that would expose my soaked underarms. I also had to wear dark or loose clothes so that I would not be ashamed of sweat stains, which were huge and very noticeable. Being female, this sweat problem was particularly embarrassing. At the age of 14, my pediatrician prescribed Drysol, a prescription-strength anti-antiperspirant. It did not work. I tried every deodorant on the market. My mom thought that Botox was too extreme, and she was well as the doctor believed that I would just grow out of the sweat problem around 18 or so. However, I continued having this problem until the age of 20. That was when I adopted the Paleo diet. Soon, I noticed that I was sweating much less. Now I do not have to wonder which shirts I can wear that will not show sweat stains. I even drink black coffee and tea on a regular basis. The caffeine still does not make me sweat excessively. When I work out, I sweat equally all over my body. My underarms are no wetter than the rest of me. I was just wondering what may have been the cause of this. What was it about the Paleo diet that caused my excessive sweating to subside?

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20762 · January 21, 2013 at 9:45 PM

Just a wild guess here, I'll try to synthesize info from a bunch of different stuff I've read.

I know that one mechanism that your body uses to get rid of excess sugar is to send it out with your sweat (that's where the BO comes from: bacteria eating the sugar in sweat - low sugar often cures BO because there's no excess sugar in the sweat anymore).

So maybe on your standard diet your body was trying to get rid of excess sugar by pumping it out in sweat. Switching to Paleo will cut the sugar and your body doesn't have to get rid of sugar anymore.

Just a guess, but its a plausible mechanism.

10 · January 21, 2013 at 9:04 PM

Check out the International Hyperhidrosis Society at They are a non-profit organization devoted to folks who have excessive sweating. Right now there's even a treatment study going on where you can get free consult and Ulthera treatment with a dermatologist. It's only for underarms hyperhidrosis sweating sufferers. Look in the Taking Action>Participate in Research section.

38 · January 17, 2013 at 10:30 PM

How I never would have thought, I'd find a person with the same problems.

I am 24 years old now, my extreme sweating started in my purperty. (cant remember age) Doctors could not help me, they gave me special roll on named antipesperex, which was so heavy that after 6 times of use, it have left me with rash and itchy armpits.

I've started paleo diet for 2 weeks now, but my sweating issue hasnt changed yet. Though this post gave me abit hope lol.

183 · January 17, 2013 at 8:25 PM

I get it too, I think its stress.

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