Grain Domestication,Traditional ways of eating grains& juicing veggies

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Why did man domesticate grains if it was not already part of his diet? Is it a big deal to eat grains or legumes that are prepared in a traditional way such as soaking and sprouting?

Is juicing veggies healthy? Or Necessary

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5774 · June 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Pretend you're a hunter gatherer:

You're walking thru a field and there are tall grasses growing with seeds on the top. As you walk, you grab the stalk and let you're hand slide up the stalk. You smell the seeds and taste them. You notice that they taste ok or at least not too grassy and since you didn't die, they're edible.

You remember that grass and everytime you walk in that field, you do the same thing. In time you start to collect more and more. In some religious ceremony, you give some of the seeds back to mother earth and they sprout and concentrate the grass near your cave/village. Next thing you know you're farming and have a 30 year mortgage on your hut.

Except for the giving back, when I was a kid, I grabbed the stalks of grass and grabbed the seeds and ate some of them.

794 · June 29, 2011 at 3:46 PM

Consider that they have been bred for thousands of years to provide as many calories as possible. This, and consuming them in concentrated form, greatly increases the spike in blood sugar when you eat them, as well as a whole host of other issues.

I use this counter argument for vegetarians who think they get "enough natural protein" from bean infused supplements. There is a difference form munching on some seeds or beans, to harvesting 6 lbs of it, and processing it to produce one highly concentrated loaf of bread or tofu. This is not even considering anti-nutrients. I personally doubt the effectiveness of the hard core techniques suggested in some Paleo manifestos. "Don't cut my meat with a knife that has cut bread, that one particle of wheat gluten will upset my stomach." Calling BS on that. I'm allergic to lactose, like many people. But I've ALWAYS had a bite of ice-cream when my family went out, and never once did that tiny portion bother me. Now, if I chug some milk, guess what? It knocks me for a loop. I think the same is true of wheat gluten and the anti-nutrients in beans.

Perhaps the 0 tolerance policy helps people avoid the slippery slope or rationalize. But almost nothing is toxic at sufficiently small dosages.

12804 · June 29, 2011 at 1:44 PM

Grains are fine in moderation if you take the time to properly prepare them. You would be better off with paleo starches though as far as nutrition and effort preparing food are concerned.

Juicing veggies could be healthy depending on the veggies and how much you do. The problem with juicing is that it concentrates everything in the food, including toxins. Its definetly not a necessary practice.

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