Transdermal Iodine supplementation

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When researching Iodine supplementation. I came across some people saying oral supplementation is dangerous and recommending transdermal as a safer option. They aren't selling anything they just tell you to get standard Iodine at the drug store.

Is anyone supplementing with Iodine this way or know of a good reason not to?

I have been researching Lugol's solution and have found that it can be used both internally or externally. I wouldn't mind taking it internally but it seams that one drop of 2% is 3 mg and that seams like a large dose to start off with. I think this because I have seen 500 mcg as a good starting dose.

I just want to be careful with this stuff.

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8185 · November 21, 2011 at 3:11 PM

I've heard of "painting" iodine on your skin and letting it be absorbed. The idea being the body only absorbs what it needs (and the stain disappears as it does). The problem with that is I don't think I've seen any evidence that it actually works that way. While some is absorbed, it looks like it is wearing off/oxidizing on the skin and not being totally absorbed. So the stain disappears, and people think it is totally absorbed.

283 · November 21, 2011 at 12:34 AM

I have had awesome results with iodine (right now i'm taking lugols just orally... 10 drops a day). But I'm also doing so with the guidance of a medical professional (naturopathic doc but still).

One thing you have to be careful of is any changes you make once you do start taking it.. and I mean dosage wise. I've heard stories of people quitting abruptly (say, when they run out, etc) and their thyroids getting messed up.

If you have chiropractor coverage, you could possibly find one who works in those homeopathic types of remedies as well.

Good luck! It can make a real difference! But you must be careful in the process!

0 · August 29, 2013 at 8:11 AM

Transdermal application of iodine is definitely effective. I used to have cystic breasts but after just a couple months of painting my skin with iodine, the cysts (and the pain) disappeared. This was a total surprise to me because I did not apply iodine to my skin for that reason. I was hoping that transdermal application of iodine would help my thyroid function better (which it did).

Another testimony: My daughter had a problem with hair loss for a period of several months. We tried everything, including iron supplementation, but the hair loss continued. Finally I told her to mix iodine (Lugol's 7%) in distilled water and spray it on her scalp every night before she went to bed. Her hair loss ceased almost immediately, and what is more, it is now growing back.

The FDA's ridiculously low RDA for iodine (150 mcg) is barely enough to prevent goiter and certainly nowhere near what is needed for good health. Research using the search terms, "iodine and cancer," "iodine and prostrate," "iodine and breast cancer."

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