Wahls Diet vs. High Organ/Seafood/Eggs Paleo for MS?

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I'm curious about whether anyone with MS has cleared their symptoms without the HUGE amount of veggies recommended by Dr. Wahls?

I LOVE what she's doing, but I can't imagine that many people will find her diet sustainable for very long.

It seems to me (intuitively) that Vitamin D, magnesium, plus a nutrient-dense diet is what's really needed--not 9 cups of vegetables every day.

What am I missing?

(I don't have MS, but I know a few folks who do...)

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77338 · February 17, 2012 at 2:29 PM

good question ,as usual. (DF); The answer: $$$$$$$$. the nine cups of veggies seperates her from Harris, Sisson et al. Otherrwise, she is just another face in the "MD-PALEO" crowd. Nine cups of veggies gives her a brand. ....And I say this as someone who eats OVER nine cups of veggies most days. For almost a year now I've been a "high- veggie- Archevore ". But I can buy her book, buy her seminars, and transform myself into a "Dr. Wahls Paleo". I give Terry Walh's video link to all my clients, friends and family. I use her story to reinforce/broaden my own "Defeating Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue schtick", but the nine cups of veggies-as-talismanic-quality thing is just plan marketing BS! Great BS, but still marketing BS! :)

4337 · February 17, 2012 at 3:07 PM

I wonder what part of her success was due to starch restriction. She eliminated potatoes and other starches from her diet, and that might have been very sensible for somebody with a neurodegenerative disorder. For healthier young people without a hint of insulin resistance, however, I don't think it makes sense to limit oneself this way. Basically, she's eating an amount of fiber fit for an ape and I can only imagine how much gas that causes...

14507 · September 22, 2012 at 10:02 PM

I don't know. If you listen to some of her interviews, she is a HUGE proponent of omega 3. She said initially eating a paleo diet did help, but it was not until she started eating an omega 3 emphasized paleo diet that her recovery really got under way. When you think about, large amounts of green vegetables will provide ALA, which could be a very beneficial component (she uses flax oil on salads and seems to favor walnuts).

I asked a question a couple months back about ALA, and then did some researchand it does seem that there may in fact be more benefits to ALA rich diet than an EPA/DHA rich diet, as ALA is the parent-essential fatty acid, which has a more diverse role in influencing our genome.

So, yeah a nutrient dense diet is great for most people, but I tend to think of Wahls as the definitive expert on curing MS with (mostly) dietary interventions, so if I were concerned about MS I'd eat a diet more in line with what she recommend. And, anecdotally I am very concerned about keeping my mitochondria functioning and in tip top condition for the rest of my life, so I do try to eat more seafood and greens these days. I always eat fresh salads, but do notice that nothing seems as inflammation soothing as side of steamed broccoli (though, to be honest, this is probably at least partly psycho-somatic in nature).

I say if you feel great eating the way you do, then you shouldn't worry...but...regardless I would still incorporate some nutrient dense greens and seafood into your diet along with the other stuff.

On a side note, I don't think I could handle as many greens as she does just because it would give me digestive distress and make me bloated and gassy. I feel much better eating a couple mixed green salads (romaine, green and red leaf lettuces) and 1 steamed vegetable a day (usually broccoli).

8 · September 22, 2012 at 9:39 PM

She still has that pale sickly look of people with MS. I have that look, so recognize it when I see it. She's better, not cured, that's obvious.

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