Is vinegar paleo?

by 0 · July 06, 2014 4:09 AM

I'm wondering if vinegar is paleo or at least not bad for you? Can someone tell me what is in vinegar? And if I was to buy it from the store what type should I get?

Id like to also ask the same question for mustard, too. Thanks!

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40632 · July 05, 2014 2:15 PM

Vinegar is simply acetic acid in water. Totally paleo; in fact our bodies actually make acetic acid when detoxifying alcohol, and use it for energy. Any vinegar is fine, even distilled (though paleo fanatics will dispute this.)

Mustard generally is ground mustard in vinegar with some turmeric for color. Again, paleo. You don't need a specific brand, just avoid honey-mustard (make it yourself if you want that.)

992 · July 05, 2014 4:52 AM

Yeah, it seems paleolithic enough. You mash up some carbs, put something over it to keep the flies out, and you've got vinegar. I could see grok getting down with that. Ingredients are usually going to look like fermented carbs / fruit juices.. nothing too sketchy there.

I'd pick up a small bottle of whatever looks tasty at the time and keep trying new ones. I just recently finished off a pretty good pomegranate vinegar. It was light, but had a cool bright pinkish color that you would find in the bottom of your salad bowl. There's a lot of good options. I'm a fan of mango vinegar. Pinot Noir vinegar.. Balsamic.. explore the variety.

You don't want to drink the stuff, but a healthy drizzle over some raw veg should be fairly beneficial (or at least not too bad for you.) The only thing that comes to mind is the minute amounts of lead in some balsamics.



Mustard seems paleolithic enough as well.. just some crushed up herbs / fruits with vinegar from fermented fruits.



You should get some fresh ingredients and whip up a batch. Fermented condiments are awesome sauce.

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