Can I lose fat rapidly while protecting thyroid function and metabolic rate?

by 0 · April 03, 2014 at 10:38 AM

I am a 20 year old male. I started experiencing several problems a year ago, including very low HR, body temp, and BP along with constipation/bloating and several other neurological, metabolic and GI symptoms. We found that I had low T3, low-normal T4, secondary low testosterone, and high cortisol, but so far we have not diagnosed a cause and no medication or supplement has worked. I'm currently on Clomid to raise testosterone, along with nutritional support to try to fix my health.

A few months ago I gained 30lb of mostly fat after I was prescribed high doses of thyroid medication and then weaned off because of negative effects. One of the problems caused by the medication was hypoglycemia and insatiable cravings that caused me to automatically eat absurd amounts of fat, sugar/starch, protein and fiber, especially late at night. I gained most of the weight after I weaned off the medication, as my thyroid function was still suppressed yet the cravings remained. I continue to get cravings and hypoglycemia now (if I'm not on a ketogenic diet) even though I've been off the medication for a while. Before all this started I was very healthy, muscular and athletic, with a measured bf% of 8-9%.

EDIT: I should note that throughout all of this time, the entirety of my food came from natural, "paleo" foods, including lots of vegetables, healthy fats, and grass-fed protein. The hunger only came from the thyroid medication, not because I wasn't eating "satiating" foods.

Now, I want to become lean again as fast as possible since I feel even worse now at a high body fat than I did before. However, I already have low T3 and "adrenal fatigue" along with a very low metabolic rate, so I don't want to make my problems worse by drastically lowering calories. I've been following a VLC ketogenic diet for SIBO (probably caused by antibiotics), and this diet definitely improves neurological function and reduces cravings to a degree. I consume 2000kcal per day, and I'm not really losing any weight. I'm unsure about whether I should decrease calories even more, because I don't want to cause any further metabolic damage. I'm aware that a ketogenic diet generally isn't appropriate for people who are already hypothyroid, but if I add carbohydrates I start getting hypoglycemia and cravings, along with worsened fatigue.

Is there any way I can lose weight at a fast rate while preserving muscle and not putting much stress on my body? Have any of you lost large amounts of weight without decreasing energy or causing metabolic damage, and maintained your new weight? I will consider anything, and taste or convenience don't matter, i.e. I would do literally anything if it meant that I could be healthy and feel good again.

Thank you for your ideas.

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60 · April 02, 2014 at 10:02 AM

The Main reason why most weight-loss programs fail is that patient always feels dull and tired after attaining weight loss. This makes the patient go back to his old eating habits and result in rebound weight gain.

Caralluma fimbriata extract one of the solutions you can try for. Caralluma not only inhibits fat synthesis and also helps increasing the burning of fat. This makes more energy available to the body and makes the individual consuming it more active and lively.

You have also mentioned that prime requirement is increasing the muscle want lean body. Muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells. When more energy is available to the body, muscle cells burn energy faster where the result is fat cells shrink in size and muscle becomes stronger.

Western Geriatric Research Institute, Los Angeles, California, USA has tested Caralluma Fimbriata Extract clinically.

0 · April 02, 2014 at 01:24 AM

I'd recommend a Whole30.

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