Grain fed ground beef lean/fat ratio? Weight loss?

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Hi all,

I am getting on paleo to try to lose weight I have gained since starting my job less than a year ago. I dont make enough to buy grass fed beef or chicken yet, but when i start making more money i will definitely make the shift. I try to buy chicken, turkey, beef (all grain fed)and farmed white fish(trout or tilapia). My main question is what ratio of lean/fat ground beef should I buy?

If i eat these foods will i still have a good chance at weight loss? I will also start taking fish oils.

Thanks for your time

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321 · July 22, 2013 at 11:56 PM

As most of my responses start out, I would have to state that everybody is different. There is no magical recipe for weight loss that will work for everyone. The best advice would be to try out a couple different things and see what works for you. Also, I would recommend to not go just by what the scale says. I take body measurements and judge what works for my diet by the way that I feel and how sharp I am.

Also I would like to say that fat is not really a problem, and many here would argue that it is great for you! Unless you are doing a PSMF (which is usually only recommended for morbidly obease) then you do not have to matter much about how lean your meat is.

How active are you? Some people lose weight just by eating fairly strict Paleo diets. Some other things to research would be low carb, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, protein sparred modified fast, macronutrient ratio, high intensity interval training. It is hard to say without knowing anymore information about you or what you hope to achieve.

I personally have lost over 20lbs/month staying in keto with 3 days of light cardio (5-10 mile hiking), 3 days of weight lifting and 1-2 days of hard cardio. I can pretty easily still lose 1-2 pounds every couple of days.

962 · July 23, 2013 at 4:21 AM

Good answer by fredmull. Your question is a bit ill posed. Last night I ate grass fed short ribs, which are free with the purchase of one carcass, I guarantee you will find few pieces of grain fed meat that are as fatty as those ribs. Also, last year my supplier had really stringy meat due to the drought (I bought elsewhere), but this year with all the rain he got himself some really fat steers (we will buy one). So lots of variation. Experiment with ratios of meat and fat, the bad thing in grain fed is not the quantity but the composition and vitamin content of fat.

In fact, let me mention that if I were short of money I would buy only suet, bones, and offal from a grass fed butcher. They can all be very cheap because many buyers do not want them, yet our ancestors wanted primarily these three. And our ancestors knew more nutrition than these fad followers. I would then buy grass fed eggs, and I know I would be as well fed as a millionaire.

1122 · July 23, 2013 at 12:28 AM

If you can't afford grass fed beef then buy extra lean and cook in grass fed butter. This will help the omega ratios. Don't ignore your egg options for a cheaper healthy food.

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