Weightloss on Paleo diet for 20 yr old female

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I'm a 20 year old female, about 5 foot 2 and I'm slim but have extra weight I want to lose (I weigh about 9.5 stone) I carry the extra weight on my stomach, arms and back. I've been following the paleo diet on and off for a few months but not consistently. I want to try and convert fully to this way of eating but I also want to achieve weightloss. Do you think I need to limit my fat consumption, especially from oils (i only use coconut), or is it likely i can achieve weightloss even with high fat consumption even though I don't have a lot of weight to lose?

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20762 · December 27, 2012 at 7:33 PM

Just like I said over here to the person trying to gain weight, unless you're crazy over/under weight, then just follow a standard paleo-inspired diet and your body will figure out what it needs (when trying to lose weight, you also need to focus on lots of good sleep: 8-9 hours in a dark room in addition to the diet).


145 · December 27, 2012 at 7:30 PM

First off, I would encourage you to read more and understand how paleo works. You'll soon find out that fats are not really the problem (thought as Jake points out, too many calories all around will shutdown fatloss as well).

I'd recommend that you keep up your coconut oil, leave off of ALL grains, avoid ALL dairy, and go from there. Avoid modern vegetable oils like canola, corn, safflower, sunflower, etc. Olive oil's fine, as are rendered fat and clarified from naturally-fed animals - and fats have the added benefit of making you feel less hungry. When you consume fat and without too many carbs (<~50-75g per day, with the higher end being if you use a lot of coconut oil) you go into fat-burning mode. Insulin response from carbohydrate (sugars, starches, etc) consumption shuts that down super-fast. So, eat fat to burn fat, and don't consume extra calories if you want to burn what already has been laid down as fat deposits. And don't forget to eat enough high-quality protein.

The usual recommendation for people trying to lose weight on paleo is simply to go full-on paleo, but go very light on the fruits and nuts. You can get all you really need from meats, eggs, seafood, and veggies. And they're yummy! Do this, eating only when you're hungry, and any extra weight you have will likely melt off. It worked for my wife, and she wasn't even trying to really lose the 20lbs she was resigned to be stuck with. Several months later and she had to buy lots of new clothes. ;-)

40 · August 08, 2013 at 2:01 PM

I am in basically the exact same position as you! I am 20, 5'1" and 130 pounds (with extra weight on my stomach and thighs). I have been doing Paleo for about 2 months with a couple slip ups and have already lost ten pounds, and I can feel my body getting leaner and adjusting to my new diet. I did low carb for 2 weeks but felt absolutely terrible so I reincorporated some starchy vegetables like spaghetti squash and sweet potato once or twice a week. My advice is to cut out all dairy, grains, and alcohol and try to follow the whole 30 plan for a full month (it's challenging but SO worth it). After converting to pretty strict paleo, try to limit your fruit and nut intake (I hardly eat either unless I am travelling or really busy). Also, don't be scared of fats! Consume avocado, olive oil, coconut oils, full fat meats, and don't even bother measuring how much you are using and looking at the nutrition info on the back... (the calorie numbers can be frighteningly high ,I know). Try to enjoy your new diet/lifestyle and be patient with the results - they will come! Even if the scale doesn't budge I can assure you your clothes will start to feel better and people will being to notice. Also, remember that sleep is VERY important for weight loss. Whenever I don't get enough sleep my weightloss comes to a screeching halt. Go high protein, high fat, and lowish carb, it just takes some fiddling around until you realize what your body needs!! Good luck!

0 · February 24, 2014 at 3:21 PM

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213 · August 08, 2013 at 8:27 PM

Hi there! I think we have the same body type too. I'm 23 years old, 5'2" and usually weigh around 115-120lbs. I usually only eat once a day because I'm not very active. However, recently I have been trying to get rid of that extra fat on my belly and arms.

It's only been one week since I have started working out at the gym (never really worked out before) and I can already see a difference. I know it sounds cliche but I really think the fact that I only eat once a day and basically 95% Paleo (will have some dark chocolate a couple of times a week) helped me burn fat quicker.

Eat once a day and definitely work out! I have been Paleo a few years now but only since I have been active am I actually losing the fat in those "problem" areas.

2628 · December 27, 2012 at 6:29 PM

you'll need to watch overall calories. that doesn't need to be low fat, though.

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