forever in ketosis?

by 230 · February 24, 2014 at 02:59 PM

hey there!

so I tried every method to lose weight, being paleo for ages, not lost anything (feeling better of course, but still overweight). The only state my body gets slimmer is ketosis. And usually it's <20g carbs I can eat. I'm okay with this, today I entered ketosis and some water weight has shed. But I wonder - if one day, I have lost the extra pounds, what do I do then? I know that even I eat <1500 calories a day, I gain weight easily if it's some more carbs. But I can't stand in ketosis forever, I mean, there will be days when I can't get around having some fries with friends or so. The last time I had a pizza I instantly gained 4 whole pounds and they stayed (!). Do I really have to stay in ketosis forever? Ps.: Yes I do exersise, usually hiit/crossfit a few times a week.

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25724 · February 24, 2014 at 02:59 PM

You said it yourself -- water weight.

If you are bouncing up and down 5-7 lbs, its most likely water weight. And not weight that you should be concerned of.

777 · February 24, 2014 at 01:22 PM

If I eat carbs I make sure to exercise after, usually the day after as I inevitably eat them in the evening on a weekend, and I also fast for a while the next day, this makes sure my body uses up the excess sugar & will be back in ketosis to some degree asap

I've noticed the best exercises for reducing excess sugar floating around my system are resistance training or sprinting, walking won't cut it much unless it's about a 5-10k+ walk

I think long term ketosis and dipping out of it occasionally is fine, better than the reverse option in my opinion

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10069 · February 23, 2014 at 07:20 PM

How much time do you put in at exercise? I added up what I do to maintain normal weight - walking - and it's about 20 hours a week. If I stop I have two choices: starve myself and maintain, or keep eating the same and start regaining. The 20 hours represents about a pound of fat burned. If you're doing 2 hours a week of HIIT I'd guess you're burning about 1/3 pound, and it will take forever to lose 10 pounds. In sum, if you're not losing you probably need to put in more gym time without eating any more than you do now.

How's your thyroid? My TSH is on the high side, which cuts down my metabolism. Unless my dr. puts me on hormones I'm pretty well stuck for losing any more weight.

982 · February 23, 2014 at 05:43 PM

I've always been able to eat whatever I want weight control wise without much exercise. (I hear pot smokers are better carb burners.) I lived on pizza, bread, and potato chips all day, sat in front of my computer, and did not gain much weight at all. I'd usually drink 2 or 3 cans of dr pepper a day. (I slimmed down to 145 on paleo eating a greater volume of food than ever, where I was 155 the previous 10 years or so.) It's amazing how much more quantity of food you need when you're used to drinking fast food milkshakes, then switch to veg. The problem for me is that my overall health suffers on such a junky anti-nutritious diet. It landed me in the hospital and I just about died.

In theory, you should be able to just eat real food to satiety whenever you get hungry, go about your normal activities, and maintain a normal weight. Something is messed up with your metabolism (how's your d3 / thyroid / sleep quality?) Typically, keto provides an overhaul that corrects insulin and leptin resistance, but you have to fully adapt. Maybe you could play around with light cold thermogenesis (I think I might give it a try.) Things like turning your AC down a little more and sleeping without a blanket.

Once your weight is down, the calories should be able to come back up and the restrictions gone (as long as you're still Paleo.) With exercise, the math should work out to prevent gains.

Are you tracking / measuring correctly? 14,000 calories beyond the 2,000 required is a lot of pizza required for a 4lb gain.

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