I Keep Losing Weight!

by 98 · December 31, 2011 at 04:45 PM

I started the Paleo "Diet"/Lifestyle, about 15 weeks ago, and have lost 14 lbs, starting weight of 137, with a weigh in today of 123 lbs. My clothes no longer fit, and I am by my own definition now "skinny". I have lost almost all of my belly fat and of course my face is no longer bloated or puffy.

So what's the problem? I am just wondering when will the weight loss stop? I eat a big Paleo breakfast, apples for snacks, nuts and lots of chocolate, lunch is salad with meat, dinner is fish/meat, salad, greens, more chocolate. I supplement with Chlorella, Fish Oil, Vit D, & Resveretol.

I don't want to be a skinny dried up grandma at 55!!

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77322 · ABOUT 19 HOURS AGO

Becky, try some dairy. Full fat. Butter especially. I'm trying to lose weight, and diary seems to stall my weight loss completely.

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If you will follow Dr Jack kruse's Leptin Reset Prescription of 50 grams of protein and all the fat necessary to cook the meal within 30 min of awakening in the AM and then eat a small lunch if needed and then as much paleo food as you need to be satiated, you will reach honeostasis in your weight.

More protein and fat in the morning. Carbs especially processed wheat based products and carbs in the form of sugar based products are not recommended unless you are highly athletic in your daily life. All carbs do is turn to energy in the form of sugars in the gut and that energy must be used immediately and if not it is stored as fat in the cells of the body.


One of his recommendations is to buy and read Robb Wolf's book, The Paleo Solution.

Your weight loss will abate but you will have to increase your carlories in the form of protein and fat.


Have you leveled out and stayed at 123 for a bit? Have you given it some time to see if you stop losing and stay at a steady weight for a bit? Who knows... you may hit 122 and stop losing. Give your body a chance to do what it does.

11113 · ABOUT 19 HOURS AGO

I was having the same problem, Becky http://paleohacks.com/questions/54187/hack-my-over-weight-loss#axzz1i4mgol2i . I've leveled out at 113-115lbs, which is what I weighed when I graduated high school, lol.

I needed to add starch to my diet, and it sounds like you do too! Dairy is not a necessity, but I do enjoy slathering my potatoes in butter ;) I don't generally bother with macros or calories, and some days I splurge on sugary foods like dark chocolate and fruits, and others I just don't feel like eating much. It all balances out. Cavemen didn't eat the same thing, day in and day out. Some days they got to pig out, other days they went to bed with a stomach full of nuts and greens ;)

You have to remember that you started Paleo with the intention of dropping a few pounds. Now that you've accomplished that, you need to adjust your diet accordingly.


Becky, I started Paleo about three months ago at 198 lbs (15% body fat) and just over a month I dropped to 182 lbs (13%). I too was worried that I would disappear but without making any real changes to my diet I have remained around the 185 lbs (13%) mark.

If there was a change it was that I upped the intensity of my workouts, hence my weight has increased but body fat remained fairly constant (actually dropping 0.5%).

What I did was spend some time and write down a general working day's meals, and then do a rough calculation of the total calorific breakdown.

Calories: 2342 kcal
Fat.....: 55.29% (144.0g)
Protein.: 38.87% (227.7g)
Carbs...: 5.84% (34.2g)

In Robb Wolf's Paleolithic Solution Episode 6, he mentions the following rough guide:

Protein consumption.: 1g per lbs of body weight.
Loose body fat......: 15 - 17 kcal per lbs of body weight.
Maintain body fat ..: 18 kcal per lbs of body weight.
Increase muscle mass: 20 - 21 kcal per lbs body weight.

Which for example means that for me (185 lbs) my goals should be:

Protein.: 185g.
Loose...: 2775 kcal.
Maintain: 3330 kcal.
Increase: 3700 kcal.

So now I have a kind of rough guideline within which to work.

I hope this helps.

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