How do you train without goals?

by 5624 · May 21, 2011 at 12:02 AM

Since I started weight training when I was 12 years old I always had goals. In my earlier years it was for sports, in college it was to be lean, and young adulthood I got into bodybuilding so it was a combination of muscle size, strength, and conditioning. This made working out fun, exciting and challenging. However, since I stopped bodybuilding a year ago and started paleo I find myself bored and unmotivated in the gym. I am currently happy with my body fat level, strength and muscularity. In fact I just want to maintain and be healthy. But thats the problem....that's not much of a goal..lol. FYI....I quit bodybuilding for health reason but I have recovered with paleo.

I have started BJJ, but probably don't plan to ever compete, and I plan to do the tough mudder in October, so I guess I could train for that??? I've also gone to movnat seminars and taken crossfit classes to introduce new things, but I am still just lost without a specific goal. How do you guys motivate yourself without a specific goal?

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5105 · May 20, 2011 at 11:26 PM

you don't train without goals, but you can play. Ironically though, playing can sometimes make you a better athlete than those who train :)

1758 · May 21, 2011 at 12:02 AM

Trying to get better at BJJ is an excellent goal to motivate you to get stronger, more flexible, and more resilient to getting injured. You could just roll with that.

Otherwise, why not make your goal to be able to do the stuff that Erwan Le Corre does? Barefoot running, muscle-ups on trees, jumping over stuff, etc. Those are fun goals to work toward, and great for your health.

So how do you motivate yourself without a specific goal? No idea. The word "motivation" seems to imply acting toward a specific goal. My advice is to come up with a specific goal that will further your ultimate one (that I assume is to be healthy), such as to be a better natural movement athlete (or MovNat athlete, if you prefer).

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